Ministry of Lands Signs MOU with Paramount Chiefs & CSOs

By Millicent Senava Mannah

The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Paramount Chiefs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for the success of the Sierra Leone Land Administration Project. This ceremony took place on 26th May, 2023, at the New Freetown City Council Hall in Freetown.

The overall objective of this MOU is to set up a plan to widely disseminate accurate information about the Customary Land Rights Act 2022 and the National Land Commission Act 2022 to citizens, corporations, Government institutions and interest groups in accessible languages and formats to facilitate their effective implementation.

This MOU provides clarity on the collaborative framework and roles, for the tripartite body of the Government of Sierra Leone represented by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning (MLHCP) through the Sierra Leone Administration Project.

Tamba F. Dauda, Director of Surveys and Lands, Ministry of Lands, intimated that the MOU will mark a different stage in the process of land administration in the country. Continuing that, formerly they had lots of challenges, and they can only succeed when they link up with Paramount Chiefs and CSOs for them to form the policy to address the challenges.

He maintained that the day was organized to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with them to now have a decentralized land administration system.

‘’As we administer lands, the benefactors will enjoy the benefits of what they have earned, and we will let them know what is required of them.’’ Tamba Dauda stated.

The Director noted that they have been working with CSOs furthering how they want to strengthen the engagement, and how they want to let the public realize that what they are about to do is in the interest of all Sierra Leoneans.

According to him, one of the benefits of the MOU is that people do not need to come all the way to the city from the provinces to receive their land documents as they will start issuing their documents in their districts.

Tamba Dauda revealed that there are several land policies they have been made and how they are also trying to set up a Land Commission.

The National Head of Paramount Chiefs, Chief Fasuluku, said it is a privilege and honor for availing them the opportunity of signing an MOU with the Ministry. He commended the Ministry, stating how they do not see them as Paramount Chiefs, but as partners.

According to him, the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Lands and CSOs has also helped in the building of his CV. He assured them that they as Paramount Chiefs are experts in administering their job.

According to the MOU, the National Council of Paramount Chiefs (NCPC) will, through its members lead the process of establishing the Chiefdom and Village Area Land Committees. They will also create an open space for the participation of the parties herein, and other players, including other CSOs, community-based groups, youths and women.

The MOU also state that, these CSOs will operate across the country and work directly with the traditional leaders and communities on key issues including land rights, resource exploitation, environmental justice and protection, food security and livelihoods, and conservation.

The joint effort aims to inform, land users, and citizens generally of the rights, institutions, and processes for securing tenure rights provided in the laws, their role in environmental protection and stewardship, and the rules governing land acquisition for investment purposes.

The ceremony was climaxed with the signing of the MOU by the different parties together with group photos.



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