Navigating New Waters: A Glimpse into my first week as an Intern at CGG

By Aminata Benk-Sankoh

In a remarkable leap from university final exams to the realm of activism, Aminata Benk-Sankoh chronicles her initial days as an intern at the Campaign for Good Governance (CGG), a prominent non-governmental organization championing transparency, accountability, and good governance. Founded in the wake of Sierra Leone’s inaugural multi-party democratic elections in 1996, CGG has been an influential advocate for political and societal reforms.

Brimming with eagerness to learn and contribute, Aminata stepped into her role with CGG, eager to immerse herself in the organization’s impactful endeavors. Having researched CGG’s history, which counted esteemed figures like Madam Zainab Hawa Bangura and Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh as part of its legacy, Aminata felt the weight of the opportunity she had seized.

Her inaugural day commenced with a serendipitous email from her supervisor, Mr. Sahr Kendema, just as she prepared for her ride to the office. An invitation to her first task set the stage for a day full of novelties and surprises. A misjudged meeting timing caused initial flusters, but Aminata’s determination triumphed over the unexpected hiccup. Eager to make her mark, she participated in a UN meeting, symbolizing a longtime aspiration realized.

Intriguingly, Aminata’s second day exhibited a distinct calmness. Nestled within her private office space, she reveled in the solitude and delved into a world of captivating books. A hunger pang led to a lesson in self-sufficiency, as she pored over the Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Act. Lunch brought a short but rewarding escape to Chicken Town, and the day unfolded with a tranquility that fueled her reflections on her purpose in joining CGG.

With each day came fresh challenges and revelations. Through conversations with her supervisor, Mr. Kendema, Aminata deepened her understanding of CGG’s history, mission, and values. Purposeful meetings and discussions pushed her to explore her potential and the ways she could contribute to the organization’s goals. The weeks ahead promised growth not only in her technical prowess but also in her interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities.

Aminata’s journey at CGG went beyond her individual growth; it also encompassed the bonds she formed with her colleagues. The dynamic environment, though initially unfamiliar, transformed into a platform for connection and impact. As she looked ahead, Aminata anticipated a profound immersion into the industry’s nuances and complexities.

As Aminata wrapped up her first week at CGG, she shared her outlook for the future with a blend of enthusiasm and anticipation. The weeks ahead held the allure of honing her skills, unraveling industry intricacies, and fostering invaluable relationships with her peers. Aminata’s journey had merely begun, and she stood ready to embrace the path unfolding before her, both as a committed intern and a burgeoning advocate for good governance.


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