NP Has Plans to Further Roll out more Goodies

As a practical demonstration that it is here for real and will continue to make meaningful contributions to development and by extension complementing Government’s progressive interventions, the result-oriented petroleum company, National Petroleum (NP) Sierra Leone Limited past Saturday 16 March 2019 commissioned its latest Filling Station in Kabala within the Koinadugu District bringing the total of stations nationally to 38.
This latest move on the part of the company is a true testimony of its sheer determination to bring to the doorsteps of the public, facilities and services that it has to offer in a customer friendly style making it become more and more unique in optimizing customer satisfaction.
A cross section of residents in that part of the country during that historic event heaped a lot of praises on the company for what they considered as its timely intervention underlining how this new development will minimize the hitherto challenges that they had to go through in order to access fuel and other lubricants
It is on record that in as much as the company is chiefly involved in providing fuel, mainly petrol and diesel, to enhance transportation across the country, it is also interested in contributing to maintain the state of vehicles on the road and ensure the comfort as well as safety of passengers, drivers and the ordinary man on the street. In this vein, it has on offer at all their stations across the country, including the one that was commissioned recently in Kabala, several lubricants of high quality for vehicles.
Engine oil for heavy duty vehicles and machines (diesel) are available, whilst the other brand for jeeps and other types of vehicles of both petrol and diesel engines are also available for sale in their different outlets.
These lubricants are developed with the right formula to meet the needs of the engine specification. This is made possible by the professional work of its engineers, under the watchful eyes of its Management and team. With expert technicians, NP has been able to provide this service for its numerous customers.

Within the realm of making effective usage of technology, NP is currently availing its numerous customers the opportunity to make use of Smart Cards to procure fuel. With this sim card known as NP Smart Card, its customers can purchase any amount of fuel they want. Customers have a stipulated amount of fuel on the card in accordance with what they had paid for (a pre-paid system).
Thus the customer has a choice to request for a lesser quantity of fuel as he or she so desires or takes the whole total of what is on the sim card.
Presently, apart from private customers patronising this system, International organisations, Banks and certain government institutions, including the Judiciary, have these sim cards. This system alleviates the long process of dealing with LPOs as done in the past. Drivers in such institutions can now easily access fuel from the fuel station with the production of the sim card, which is then run through a small device and service is rendered quickly without any itch.
As far as customer care is concern, NP-SL Ltd, has the most exemplary service to its customers. Smartly dressed, its pump attendants exude the quality service that the company is known for. Politely talking to its customers and directing them to the various pumping points, they deliver a service that is exceptional in that field. In its determination to serve the public, NP offers the exact litre quantity for its products, thereby attracting many customers, including commercial drivers to its stations. Mohamed Kamara, a taxi driver, maintained that he buys fuel from NP because their quality and quantity are good and cannot be compared to any in the petroleum industry.
Again, the National Petroleum realises that there is a need to cater for the domestic needs of people with the introduction of the eco-friendly NP Gas. NP notes that cooking is part of human activity and it takes different forms. In this country, because of poverty, the vast majority of the citizenry rely on traditional and archaic means of cooking such as using fire-wood and charcoal. But the effect of the use of such practices have endangered the environment, prompting environmentalists to raise alarm about the hazards that deforestation and inhalation of fumes from coal can cause to human health. The introduction of NP Cooking Gas is geared towards providing a better alternative, which is environment friendly.
These NP Gas Cookers are readily available in the company’s different filling stations and are going for affordable prices. Most of those that were interviewed by this medium disclosed that the cookers are very user friendly and good to be used for various cooking purposes. “We derive optimum satisfaction in using our NP Gas Cooker as it is very fast and reliable,” Mariatu Kanu said with a big smile on her face, adding that accessing gas to replenish used stock is very easy at NP filling stations.
According to one of NP’s Managers there are plans underway to open more filling stations in different parts of the country. “We are very committed to diligently serve the people of Sierra Leone to the best of our abilities in order to give them more satisfaction ,” he also optimistically promised.


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