NP Sierra Leone Continues to Stand Tall Within the Business Landscape  

NP Headquarters

By Amin Kef Sesay – 13th August 2019

The National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) is indeed one successful indigenous company which most of the citizens can boast of especially when consideration is given to the fact that this entity has stood the test of time weathering challenges that may have led to its downfall. For such a commendable feat to be achieved during quite a long period of time now means that the company has been blessed with capable shareholders and Managerial teams that have been providing the requisite ideas and initiatives that continue to take NP from one higher level to another.

Providing its esteemed and cherished customers, right across the country, with rapt and efficient attention by always ensuring that their needs are well satisfied which with all amount of certainty is identified as one of the secrets behind the successes of the company. Management is very keen on prioritizing customer care which is why it is keen to know about their reactions as well as to listen to various concerns raised and always be in a position to address them.

Having amassed the strength and seeing the need to expand appropriately, NP-SL thought it fit to open branches in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia and all of them are extremely functioning well to the utmost satisfaction of Governments plus its ever growing customers. In doing so, the company has been contributing towards job creation and poverty reduction more especially as it is virtually impossible for the Governments of these countries to provide all job opportunities for citizens.

When cognisance is taken of the fact that Governments need revenue to finance development projects it is important to find the sources of generating such. NP, as a company, is one of the biggest taxpayers to Government. Management always  makes it as a point of duty to timely pay taxes and despite battling with existing and unforeseeable challenges there has never been an instance when it has been coerced to do so.

Many have praised NP for making available cookers popularly known as NP Gas which is safe for cooking purposes. These NP Gas cookers are sold at reasonable prices and could be procured in all their filling stations as well as from authorized dealers. At a time like this when it has been recognized that it is advisable, for health reasons, to avoid using firewood or charcoal for cooking purposes the best option could be NP Gas, which is hygienic, clean and quick.

Talking about effective implementation of Local Content Policy, NP-SL stands tall as it is truly the only 100% indigenous company that employs 100% Sierra Leoneans as workers. The company gives preference to employing Sierra Leoneans which is a clear indication that it adheres to the country’s Local Content Policy as utilizing local talents makes it possible for indigenes to acquire useful knowledge and skills through various training programs.

It is important to know that the company deals with individuals and various entities, always ensuring that its various petroleum products are available and are sold at affordable prices. There is a good business strategy in place whereby entities or customers are permitted to use chits to secure fuel and pay later. Such is very advantageous more so when those entities do not always have cash at hand to be purchasing petroleum products from time to time.  This  symbiotic relationship with its customers has been paying huge dividends making NP very endearing to all and sundry.

With regards recognition, the regulatory institution of the different petroleum companies in the country, Petroleum Directorate, has also lauded NP in recent time for its efficient service delivery in its areas of operation.

There could be no doubt to authoritatively state that NP-SL Ltd. is doing exceptionally well in all the countries it is functioning and indeed there are prospects for further expansion.

It therefore came as no big surprise why on the 6th July 2019 it was awarded as the “Best Company of the Year” during the National Business Award 2018/2019 held at the prestigious Bintumani Hotel.

Without mincing the truth NP stands tall within the business landscape in and out of the country growing stronger and stronger as time goes by.




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