NP-Sierra Leone is a Live Cable Powering Socio-Economic Development

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited

By Amin Kef Sesay

If we want to talk of the live cables that are powering Sierra Leone’s socio-economic transformation then we will really be remiss to omit the National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL-Ltd) from the list of private businesses to be genuinely counted, not to talk of it being at the helm of the ranking.

Looked at from all angles, nothing on mother earth, living or non-living will function actively well in the absence of petroleum products as they are utilized on a daily basis to undertake a wide variety of activities in the country.

It goes without saying that the only dependable and widely based petroleum marketing company presently functioning in the country is indisputably NP-SL-Ltd although competitively there are others that do the same but candidly enough the degree and magnitude of the company’s service delivery of petroleum products cannot match that of the 100% petroleum business entity. The saying goes that NP leads where others do follow.

Contextually  put, the company is among other few entities in this country that have so far successfully extended operations in neighboring Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia and in all those countries within the West African region it has been living up to the expectations of the hosts as well as all its esteemed customers.

When rating companies in terms of the discharge of effective customer care then NP-SL-Ltd deserves a high percentage as it is widely known for being 1st for Customer Care. Those who patronize with private business entities should be highly considered as very important personalities in society.

They do not only deserve the best in terms of qualitative products or services but the much needed support deemed to be necessary for their activities to continue to thrive unfettered. It is in that regard why the shareholders and Management teams of the company are always receptive to concerns raised and certain requests forwarded.

NP-SL-Ltd strongly believes that its customers do matter which is why it is ensuring that all their filling stations are well built and painted in order to provide the ambience and conducive environment for customers to feel relaxed, having access to shopping marts as well as relaxation points to socialize.

Besides, the company has calibrated pumping machines that display the quantity of fuel pumped as well as the price of the quantity bought. These machines are very transparent unlike the old ones, whom according to information, were usually fidgeted to pump less the amount a particular purchaser buys.

This accomplished feat by NP-SL has heightened confidence in the company which is undoubtedly a part of the umbilical cord that links the company to its customers and making it very endearing.

To save its customers from the headache of always having on them huge cash to purchase petroleum products, which in itself could have security implications, it was decided by the company’s shareholders and mangers that it should introduce NP Smart Cards for the purpose of purchasing those products.

This is a convenient and an easily used technological device which makes it possible for customers to procure any quantity of petroleum products they so require without using physical cash as long as the smart cards contain the right amounts of money for the quantity required.

Such a novelty within the petroleum landscape of this country has been widely acclaimed as a step in the right direction and many using them intimated how time is saved in doing transactions.

Indeed, NP-SL has made it possible for customers to ‘have fuel on their NP Smart Cards’ and it is working well.

Still with the view of giving its customers the best they rightfully deserve the company has availed the general public the opportunity to easily gain access to a convenient cooking device popularly known as NP Gas. Environmentally, it has been proven that NP Gas is user friendly that poses no hazardous danger to human health and is very economical.

Designed in different cylinders, NP Gas could be accessed at all NP Filling Stations all going at affordable prices. From what we have learnt so far those who are using them have expressed utmost satisfaction for its efficiency saying there are no regrets for having them in their possession.

When we talk of qualitative rolling out of its Corporate Social Responsibility this indomitable 100% indigenous company is on the right track. The latest is the support it gave to the National Fire Force by constructing a water facility for that institution at its Kissy branch in Freetown.

The state of the art water facility with four big Milla tanks, a water well that could not dry up even in the dry season and a standard KVA generator will ensure that the Force has ready access to additional water in the event of any fire outbreak in that part of the country and Greater Freetown in general.

It is all glaring for all to see that indeed NP-SL Ltd is a live wire, a cog in the developmental wheel and a real source of inspiration being a towering private business entity that is doing extremely well amidst various challenges.




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