NP-SL Contributes Considerably to National Revenue Mobilization

By Amin Kef Sesay

It was recently disclosed during the commissioning of a new Filling Station at Mosongo-Njala Kori Chiefdom, Moyamba District, Southern Sierra Leone  by the petroleum regulatory institution that the National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) contributed up to 60% of 753 Billion Leones that was paid to the Government of Sierra Leone in the form of taxes meant for depositing into the country’s Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) to be utilized by the Government of Sierra Leone for the rolling out of different development projects in the country.

It must be noted that it just one instance amidst the COVID-19 pandemic which means that there could have been instances when the company paid huge chunks of money in the form of taxes.

By all estimation such colossal financial contributions, paid periodically, to the nation’s revenue basket speaks volumes of how the company is highly transparent and totally committed to complement the efforts of Government in its endeavour to foster overall national development.

Besides, it is a manifestation of steadfastness on the part of the shareholders of the company and Management to improve the welfare of a vast majority of Sierra Leoneans side by side the determination to continue to grow exponentially by spreading its operations in different parts of the country in order to make qualitative petroleum products easily accessible.

As a developing nation that has ambitious plans of fast tracking national development  in order to provide better standards of living for the majority of the populace, the Government should not only rely on donor support but must be seen to mobilize internal revenue, one way which is through taxation. Being an indigenous business entity the NP-SL Ltd belongs to the category of large tax payers and do honour its tax obligations very timely.

It is postulated that if this country would have been blessed with companies like the way NP-SL Ltd does operate then as a nation we would have been miles ahead in terms of socio-economic development.

It is on record that one of the dominant companies that have been making steady progress, growing by leaps and bounds within the business landscape of this country is indisputably the National Petroleum-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd).

It is widely acknowledged that the company, through efficient business prowess, has dominated the petroleum trade in the country based on its proactive stance with regards the importation and marketing of high grade petroleum products including petrol, diesel, gas and lubricants of which one of the best is the widely used Castrol oil.

Being an indigenous company that cherish its numerous customers, NP-SL Ltd, over the years, has placed high premium on customer care, which it has effectively rolled out over the years to such an extent that it has earned the enviable reputation of 1st for Customer Care. It is within that realm that the initial shareholders of the company, thirty-five (35) of them, thought it entrepreneurially prudent to import and install modern calibrated machines at all its Filling Stations.

These are automated and high precision machines which have the capability of pumping the exact quantity of fuel that a particular buyer or customer requests for, displaying quantity (in litres) as well as the price(s). With these machines, contrary to what used to obtain in the past when less sophisticated pumping machines were used, customers have sincerely attested that they do derive utmost satisfaction whenever they do transactions expressing the belief that the process is really transparent.

Within that same domain of satisfying and providing care for its customers, the company made it a must that all its Filling Stations should have safety regulations. That is why it cautions its customers and others that they should not use naked flame, that mobile phones should be switched off, engines must also be switched off at Filling Stations when fuel is pumped among others.

In order to ensure that fuel is distributed timely to all its Filling Stations in the country, the company has maintained a fleet of tankers (vehicles that transport fuel) and they are regularly maintenance in order to ensure that they are roadworthy.

With the avowed objective of making fuel transactions easier and very convenient for its esteemed and numerous customers, the company again introduced the brilliant idea of introducing the use of NP Smart Card. This is a cashless way of transacting business or in other words purchasing fuel without using physical cash. The holder of an NP Smart Card could present the card at any Filling Station, as long as it contains money, and request for the quantity of fuel he or she requires.

The card is then slotted into the pumping machine with the subsequent discharge of the amount of fuel into a car or jerry can. This method of conducting cashless transaction is very advantageous in the sense that a customer is saved the hassle of intermittently rushing to the bank to withdraw cash for the sole purpose of purchasing fuel. This is so because already his or her NP Smart Card is loaded with money for that purpose. Indeed, it also provides security as the card is securitized only having the particulars of the holder which cannot be used by another person.

The Shareholders and Management of the company thought it fit that to make cooking quicker and safer it should manufacture an efficient gadget. It was out of this idea that the initiative of introducing an environmentally cooking device arose and NP Gas was borne. Manufactured in different cylinder sizes, NP Gas has a high precision performance and to refill it is simple as the gas could be accessed at all the company’s Filling Stations in the country. Many whom have tried them intimated this medium that it is worth having at home and one could never regret having it but would rather recommend it to others.

NP-SL Ltd has etched its name in the sands of time for embracing and effectively rolling out the country’s Local Content Policy. As one of its major priorities, the company has placed high premium on giving employment preference to Sierra Leoneans. It is only on rare circumstances that the company make use of expatriates and in most cases it is when local personnel cannot be sourced.

In a country where accessing a secured and suitable job is like finding a needle on the beach for a company like NP-SL Ltd to avail Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to access job is indeed commendable. This posture, on the part of the company, has given the beneficiaries the opportunity to live improved lifestyles and have a sense of believing that they are contributing to national development.

A company that has vibrant branches in neighbouring Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia speaks volumes of a serious company that is determined to grow. In all those countries, the company employs indigenes and is paying taxes to the Governments which in turn are used to fund various development programmes.

From what have been said so far, NP-SL Ltd is a company that is contributing hugely in accelerating the Government’s revenue mobilization drive.


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