NP-SL Ltd Epitomizes Excellence , Caring  & Dedication in Efficient Service Delivery 

NP-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd)

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Amidst the economic turmoil the country is facing,  NP Sierra Leone Limited sheds a ray of hope for Sierra Leonean businesses. It epitomizes what any determined group of Sierra Leoneans can achieve when they come together and sincerely invest in an entrepreneurial venture.

It is worthy to note that since its inception, the Management of NP-SL Ltd has been very keen on prioritizing customer care and in that direction is very much interested in listening to concerns as well as putting in place measures that address anomalies. From time to time the company capacitates its partners, such as Filling Station Managers and pump attendants, through training programs in a bid to optimize their abilities how to treat customers well. This is why the company is better known as 1st for Customer Care.

Having amassed the strength and seeing the need to expand appropriately, NP-SL thought it fit to open branches in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and The Gambia, and all of them are functioning extremely well to the utmost satisfaction of governments plus its ever-growing customers.

When cognizance is taken of the fact that Governments need revenue to finance development projects; it is important to find the sources of generating such.

NP-SL, as a company, is one of the biggest taxpayers to the government. Its management always makes it a point of duty to timely pay taxes and despite battling with existing and unforeseeable challenges, there has never been an instance when it has been coerced to do so.

Many have praised NP-SL for making available cookers popularly known as NP Gas, which are safe for cooking purposes. These NP Gas cookers are sold at reasonable prices and could be procured in all their filling stations as well as from authorized dealers. At a time like this when it has been recognized that it is advisable, for health reasons, to avoid using firewood or charcoal for cooking purposes the best option could be NP Gas, which is hygienic, clean, and quick.

Talking about effective implementation of Local Content Policy, NP-SL stands tall, as it is truly the only 100% indigenous company that employs 100% Sierra Leoneans as workers. The company gives preference to employing Sierra Leoneans, which is a clear indication that it adheres to the country’s Local Content Policy, as utilizing local talents makes it possible for indigenes to acquire useful knowledge and skills through various training programs.

The introduction of the NP Smart Card has been acclaimed by many simply because it makes the purchase of fuel safe and cashless. All that the holder of the Card needs to do is to top up with money and use it to buy the quantity of fuel he or she requires with no exchange of physical cash. It is indeed a modern way of conducting transactions.

In terms of rolling out its Corporate Social Responsibility, the company is doing so solidly evident in its support of various worthy causes that impact positively on communities and the nation as a whole. Examples abound to justify this assertion but because of space, such will be highlighted from time to time.

NP Limited has truly made Sierra Leone proud as it continues to fly the Green, White, and Blue in the West African sub-region with the story of how Sierra Leoneans are capable of becoming successful entrepreneurs.


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