NP (SL) Ltd is a Household Name

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited, NP (SL-Ltd).

By Amin Kef Sesay

Without any iota of doubt, the National Petroleum- Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) is a very reputable company which has now become a household name in and out of the country. Through sheer hard work, selflessness on the part of its shareholders and competent Managerial prowess, the company has etched a good name within the petroleum business landscape especially for its qualitative service delivery. The shareholders and Managers of the company, therefore, cannot just see things done haphazardly that have the propensity of staining its hard won reputation and sit idly back.

What has been discerned of late is that there are certain individuals who have taken upon themselves to disingenuously spewed baseless castigation against the company bordering on propagating the falsehood that  its pump attendants are criminally defrauding its customers by pumping less of the quantity that unsuspecting customers purchase at different Filling Stations. Coming across such an allegation this medium, known for championing human interest issues, went into swift action and undertook a thorough undercover investigation to ascertain its veracity. Various Filling Stations in the country were targeted but at the end of the day what came out glaringly was that the allegation is totally untrue, baseless and unfounded as there is no semblance of truth in it.

Rather what is apparent is that the calibrated pumping machines that are used in most of the company’s Filling Stations are of high standard having the capability of showing exactly the right quantity of petrol or diesel that is discharged and the exact price a buyer should pay. It was a conscious move on the part of the shareholders to install those calibrated pumping machines within the context of giving optimal satisfaction to its numerous and esteemed customers as well as operate in a very transparent manner that continues to instil confidence that they are dealing with a trusted business partner.

As for NP-SL, complaints of pumping attendants cheating customers have not been heard for a long time although according to one of the company’s Managers one cannot rule out having bad eggs within its workforce. However, he assured that all their pump attendants are well trained in the aspect of effective service delivery and they are well informed not to get themselves involved in any untoward behaviour that will bring the name of the company into disrepute. Against such a backdrop, coupled with the fact that they are well motivated in terms of remuneration and other conditions of service such employees would not be so foolhardy to do anything messy.

As a caring parent who loves to see his or her children get the best in life so is NP-SL Ltd which besides limiting itself only to selling petroleum products is also availing its customers other services just to make life comfortable for them. It is along such a line that one could find minimarts, entertainment corners in some of its Filling Stations where customers could purchase basic items saving them from the hassle of leaving other engagements to procure those goods.

NP Gas is exclusively marketed by NP-SL and its authorized agents in different parts the country and they are manufactured in different cylinder sizes marketed at affordable prices. Because of it being environmentally friendly, less hazardous and very quick in terms of performance, NP Gas is going like hot cakes especially as they are going at affordable prices.

NP Smart Card is now gaining ascendancy and currency among its numerous customers across the country and has been rated as advantageous in terms of personal safety and transparency. It is good for big business entities, like construction companies, with fleet of vehicles as the Smart Cards that drivers use to access fuel supply can transparently prove what was expended and what is now left as balance in their stock.

The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio is indeed very rich and it has been meaningfully rolled out over the years and they are really complementing Government’s development interventions.

It is indeed understandable to note that within the business world competitors could be very aggressive trying to outdo each other. In trying to achieve that some might even go to the length of fabricating lies and false propaganda with the avowed objective of tarnishing the good image others have toiled so hard to build. Similarly, there are scammers who believe that they could successfully hoodwink others through blackmail in order to dupe them of cash.

Either way, such an attempt against NP-SL Ltd will obviously miss its target. It is not that the company is saintly but the fact of the matter is that it will not condone anything untoward that will ruin its reputation and it cannot sit complacently seeing its pump attendants cheating its customers without taking affirmative action. No way, No way. The company believes in maintaining its accolade of: 1st For Customer Care.



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