NP-SL Ltd Remains an Invaluable Economic Development Partner

NP-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd)

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Very remarkable, Very ground-breaking and indeed Very unique that a wholly-owned Sierra Leonean Oil marketing company has not only succeeded in stamping concrete footsteps across the country but ventured beyond to become a household name in Guinea, Liberia , Ivory Coast and The Gambia for quality petroleum products and excellent customer service.

NP- Sierra Leone Limited whose origin dates back to 1954 since it became NP-SL Ltd in February 2011 has become the undisputed Oil Marketing Company in Sierra Leone with a reputation for excellent customer service.

Currently headed by the visionary Chief Executive Officer,  Kobi Walker, ably assisted by a highly qualified professional management team, NP-SL with headquarters at the imposing NP House on Siaka Stevens Street in Central Freetown supplies the nation with a range of petroleum products among which are petrol, diesel and Castrol engine oil of high grade that wheels the smoothly running of the economy.

NP-SL also helps in reducing the effects of climate change in the country by marketing environmentally friendly cooking gas for households.

NP-SL contributes to national economic development in very meaningful ways.

Indisputably, the petroleum marketing company is a leading exponent of the Government’s Local Content Policy that seeks to address unemployment in the country by encouraging businesses to hire labour, purchase materials and services locally.

In terms of contributing to reducing unemployment and creating much needed incomes to mitigate poverty, the company provides direct employment to up a considerable number of employees.

But over and beyond that, sale and use of NP’s petroleum products on a daily basis across the country provides thousands of indirect jobs for Pump Attendants, drivers and mates of commercial vehicles.

NP-SL  is highly committed to be giving customers the utmost value and satisfaction for their money by not only diligently ensuring that they supply the market with the highest quality petroleum products but also that the pumping machines at all their Filling Stations are meticulously calibrated to give customers the exact quantity that they pay for.

As a humane corporate citizen, NP-SL Ltd, is renowned for having always contributed to worthy individual, institutional, social and national causes, such as the construction of a Water Facility for the National Fire Force Kissy Branch, demonstrating efforts to mitigate the spread of the Ebola and Corona Viruses, providing solace to the Regent mudslide and COVID-19 victims, contributing hugely to the construction of a Burns Unit at Connaught  Hospital, as well as uncountable sporting and social demands that it has honoured giving relief and solace to many in need.

HISTORY OF NP-SL – It dates back to as far as 1954 when the British Petroleum (BP) acquired 10 percent equity from Atlantic West Africa Oil Company that was operated and managed by Paterson Zochonis (PZ).

In 1971, BP acquired the shares of AGIP when the Government of Sierra Leone acquired 60 percent shares from NP-SL Ltd. The new company became Sierra Leone National Petrol.

Towards the end of 1984, BP-SL divested their remaining 40 percent to an indigenous company, Precious Minerals Mining Company. In 1996, the company was privatized. GoSL sold 55 percent equity to Leone Oil and the remaining 5 percent to its staff which makes NP-SL a wholly owned indigenous OMC. In February 2011, in a bid to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the Company, Sierra Leone National Petrol Company was rebranded and its name changed to NP (SL) Ltd.





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