NP-SL Poised to Diligently & Selflessly Serve Humanity to Attain Absolute Satisfaction

NP-SL: Held in Esteem for Being Foremost as a Resilient Company

By Amin Kef-Ranger

NP–Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) is really poised to continue doing business in petroleum products in this country despite all the challenges it is confounded with. Going beyond the normal business spirit the Shareholders and Management of the company deemed it as a moral obligation to avail the citizenry accessibility to qualitative petroleum products believing that it is meaningfully contributing towards enhancing standards of living.

This indomitable company has gained massive local as well as international recognition for its meteoric rise and the higher height that it has reached through effective service delivery. Through its pro-active stance, the company is always ensuring that members of the general public have easy and ready access to qualitative petroleum products of high quality.

Those who have interfaced with the company have confessed that it is amongst the most successful privately owned and operated business entities this country can boast of that have withstand varying external shocks, within and without, but admirably is steadfast in its service delivery.

As a 100% indigenously owned and operated company, NP-SL has over the years, successfully extended its operations country-wide and even beyond to the West African Sub-region in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia where it is doing extremely well with regards service delivery, rolling out its Corporate Social Responsibility, availing job opportunities, offering new products among a host of other things that it is churning out.

Very mindful that without their cherished customers there will be no NP-SL, the shareholders and Management have made customer care a number one priority which is why the company is synonymous with 1st For Customer Care. With the conviction that every experience matters, the Management is very receptive to new initiatives, ideas, suggestions and concerns as long as they could help in shaping the policies that the company outlines from time to time that will be translated into tangibles on the ground.

In order to give maximum and optimal satisfaction to customers, NP-SL has always ensured that it operates in tandem with international standards and best practices so that after any service delivery customers get the good feeling that they have derived value for money. The company’s filling stations are state of the art structures having modern calibrated pumping machines that are transparent and accurate in terms of measurement.

Their attendants are well mannered, always courteous and ready to assist both old and new customers whenever they are in doubt of what to do. Most have tire repairing sections, shopping marts and relaxation points where they can spend time doing what they think is right to do. All these facilities are made available to make customers feel at home and be comfortable.

“I always carry my NP Smart Card with me just in case my car’s fuel gauge will show red and I may not exactly have the required amount of money to refill or even if I have it such could be for another purpose. With my card I can just breeze into any NP Filling Station and by using my card the attendant will pump the quantity of petrol I need,” Amadu Bangura, an engineer intimated adding how the card’s security features are unique and could not be easily falsified. “When I first heard of ‘Your fuel on Smart Card’ I thought it was a joke but only realized its efficacy when I started making use of it,” he furthered saying he is really finding it very convenient in doing so and as such prevent him from withdrawing big cash from his bank account for purchasing fuel adding how it as well help in also saving him time.

NP Gas is now the talk of the day as numerous individuals are everyday coming to the realization that it is very suitable for cooking purposes without posing any serious health risks. Manufactured in different cylinder sizes NP Gas is marketed at all the company’s filling stations and by authorized dealers going at affordable prices. Advantageously, NP Gas can be refilled with gas that the company imports and markets making them simple for customers to continue their use.

With regards rolling out its Corporate Social Responsibility, NP-SL Ltd is rated high as it has been contributing effectively in improving lives and communities. The company has been making meaningful interventions, meaningfully supporting worthy courses.

These interventions, worth millions of Leones, are through which the company magnanimously gives back to society. Lives have indeed changed for the better as a result of NP’s interventions.

Utilizing local skills and talents has been topmost in the agenda of discussions relating to national development. The argument for embracing the Local Content Policy borders around enhancing entrepreneurship, comparatively making use of less financial resources to pay for accomplished tasks and creating job opportunities thereby reducing poverty.

NP-SL has made it an established policy to give priority, in terms of employment, to Sierra Leoneans as long as they are in positions or competent to perform. The same is replicated everywhere the company is operating. Such an acclaimed stance is contributing greatly towards poverty reduction and improving lives.

From all indications it is very apparent that the premier oil marketing company, NP-SL-Ltd, is doggedly poised to continue to improve on its business strategies and step up interface with relevant stakeholders with the avowed aim of continuing to diligently and selflessly serve the people of this country and indeed it is walking the talking, doing exemplary well to foster meaningful socio-economic development.




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