NP-SL’s Commitment to Customer Care Takes Center Stage in its Operations

By Amin Kef-Ranger

NP-SL Ltd has solidified its reputation as an exceptional and resilient company, consistently delivering top-tier services even in challenging circumstances. This remarkable achievement is rooted in the resolute dedication of 35 former employees of the erstwhile British Petroleum, who pooled their end-of-service benefits to purchase shares and establish what has now become the esteemed NP-SL Ltd.

While the company’s inception marked a significant milestone, its journey from that point to its present stature is a testament to the altruism of its shareholders. Their collective vision for growth transcended personal gains, financial misconduct and insincerity, culminating in an overarching success story.

NP-SL-Ltd has earned substantial acclaim for its outstanding performance in marketing high-quality petroleum products. Renowned as the leading oil marketing company in Sierra Leone, it continues to push boundaries through strategic expansion initiatives.

The name NP has become synonymous with “1st for Customer Care.” This isn’t mere rhetoric but a genuine embodiment of the company’s ethos, unwaveringly dedicated to maintaining the highest standards. For both the shareholders and Management, ensuring utmost satisfaction in service delivery stands as paramount as the importation of petroleum products into the nation. A strong emphasis is placed on marketing premium-grade products that optimize vehicle and equipment performance.

The company’s commitment to customer care is reflected in its modern and standardized fuel dispensing machines at Filling Stations. These transparent machines display pumped liters and corresponding prices, fostering transparency and trust. Customers’ feedback and suggestions play a pivotal role in shaping policies and managerial decisions, allowing a diverse range of perspectives to shape the company’s operations.

In the pursuit of customer comfort, NP-SL-Ltd introduced the NP Smart Card, a technologically advanced device with embedded security features, rendering it resistant to counterfeit attempts. This card facilitates the easy purchase of petroleum products and can be topped up with funds as needed. NP Gas, another customer-oriented offering for cooking purposes, is available in various cylinder shapes at the company’s Filling Stations and authorized dealers, contributing to environmental and medical standards.

Noteworthy is NP-SL-Ltd’s unwavering focus on employing local talent and utilizing indigenous materials, aligning with the Local Content Policy. This approach underscores the company’s ‘Sierra Leoneaness,’ with shareholders, Management and staff all hailing from the nation. By harnessing local expertise and providing training opportunities, NP-SL-Ltd not only ensures staff development but also plays a role in poverty reduction by creating job opportunities.

Beyond its corporate operations, NP-SL-Ltd actively contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility, supporting various entities and complementing Government initiatives to enhance living standards. Its expansion into neighboring West African countries—Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast and The Gambia—illustrates its determination to grow and foster regional progress. The branches in these nations create jobs, generate revenue through taxes and contribute to development programs.

NP-SL Ltd’s trajectory of growth and impact warrants sustained support as it continues to blaze a trail for others in the industry. The company remains committed to setting standards, creating meaningful change and propelling Sierra Leone’s progress.


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