NP-SL’s Professionalism in Dealing with Customers Makes it 1st for Customer Care

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL-Ltd)

By Amin Kef-Ranger

NP-SL Ltd is now a household name as the petroleum importing and marketing continues to take the lead in the timely importation and marketing of a wide variety of high grade petroleum products needed by individuals, businesses and institutions. As a well structured marketing entity, it has, under its name, a wide array of Filling Stations in all the districts in Sierra Leone assuaging the petroleum needs of individuals, businesses and institutions. Being in the business of marketing petroleum products for over four decades, NP(SL)Ltd is now well grounded, mastering the trade to such an extent that its footprint could be found in various places within the country.

One of the first impressions of coming into contact with the company is its impressively built Filling Stations, most of which have spacious forecourts to conveniently accommodate vehicles, painted in green and yellow, some with minimarts and with latest calibrated pumping machines and the other is the professional ways Station Managers and Pump Attendants treat customers always leaving them with the feeling that they are esteemed customers of the company.

Always conscious of availing its customers with qualitative products coupled with the professional ways it treats its customers have contributed largely in earning the corporate entity the accolade of 1st for Customer Care.

Many have reposed confidence in NP (SL) Ltd out of the strong and proven belief that with the installation of the latest calibrated pumping machines at its Filling Stations, they getting in return value for money simply because they are always receiving the right type and quantity of products paid for. The feeling of being cheated is indeed farfetched as far as majority of the company’s customers are concerned.

Moving with modern trends, NP (SL) Ltd introduced what is known as NP Smart Card. With NP Smart Card, a customer can procure fuel at most Filling Stations where the system works. As long as the customer has money in the Smart Card, he or she can secure fuel at a Filling Station without exchanging physical cash. Whenever the money in the Smart Card gets low the holder should top-up it for the next purchase.

This is now trending with the advantages of not being exposed to risk of carrying physical cash that could be stolen or get missing. It makes allowance, also, for proper planning of a budget meant solely for fuel purchase.

The company has for sale at its various Filling Stations gas cookers designed in various cylinder sizes proven to be environmentally friendly and very economical in consuming gas which ignites it as well as very fast in terms of performance. Those who have experienced its high performance have attested that it is a good partner in the kitchen.

When it comes to the company’s policy with regards employment, premium is placed on giving preference to indigenous Sierra Leoneans maybe to resonate with the fact that the company is owned by indigenes of this country. This policy is only waived in  situations where foreign experts are needed to carry out certain tasks.

This policy, which is tenaciously adhered to, has contributed in some Sierra Leoneans securing good mainstream jobs as well as gaining auxiliary employment related to petroleum marketing that has helped and still continues to do so in terms of poverty reduction. From time to time, employees are exposed to trainings that help in them becoming more professional in the performance of assigned tasks.

When it comes to the rolling out of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the company is very keen on doing so in impressive ways. Instances abound among which are the facilitation of the construction of standard boreholes with gadgets connected to pump water into fire engines of the National Fire Force which, in turn, is used to extinguish fire in times of fire disasters. NP(SL)Ltd provided the bore holes and other equipment which are today benefitting the Kissy Branch of the National Fire Force.

In the wake of the Wellington Tanker Explosion that claimed over 100 lives in the East End of Freetown, the Board and Management of NP (SL) Ltd collaborated with the Management of Connaught Hospital to construct the first Burns Unit of the hospital, specialized in treating burns.

The company’s support in popularizing the game of squash by building courts in schools and at Fourah Bay College as well as organizing competitions is the latest, among other supports that the company has made geared towards elevating the sport in the country by making it not only attractive but also competitive.

As one of the entities that go pay huge taxes, NP(SL) Ltd is giving back to society, contributing to the revenue basket from which Government partially derive funds to undertake certain development interventions.

In summary, NP (SL) Ltd is a major partner in the socio-economic development of the country to which it is doggedly committed side by side with its primary task of marketing qualitative petroleum products.


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