NRM Legal Advisor Says Ernest Bai Koroma also Hired SLPP Lawyers

Legal Advisor of the National Reformation Movement (NRM), Sorie S Tarawally, Esq

By Fatmata Jengbe

The Legal Advisor of the National Reformation Movement (NRM), Sorie S Tarawally, Esq, has intimated that the Selection Clause in the APC Constitution is not the only problem that the party is bedevilled with. He further stated that indeed he is proud that the NRM members and good comrades fought against it in spite of the status quo pretending they were willing to open up consultations.

“We fought that too but the status quo is a hydra and when one manipulation is removed another quickly rise to take its place. The next ploy is to exclude all known reformers including NRM. The next one is to load the constitution with serious ailments; that was why they never wanted to publish the draft constitution in order to know what’s in it,” he maintained.

He said they were aware of the fact that the appointive power of the Chairman of the party was to load NAC with his cronies whose number would out vote the elected members underscoring how NAC is the second highest governance organ in the party.

Justifying his position, he said, there were delegates crying and weeping at the convention-turned conference saying there were specifically selected delegates who were going to do the Caesar thing, “three times we offer you crown.”

He argued that Ernest Koroma and the APC would have emerged out of that convention with a Chairman for life and a renewed mandate for another three years for the status quo executive.

“If you think that was not going to be done must be a joke as the Delegates Conference is the highest law making organ of the APC which can declare a man woman and woman man. Knowing all of this, we had to stop them. For evil to succeed, good people must do nothing. We decided to do something. We enjoined the convention to resist the nefarious machinations of the powers that be,” he postulated.

The Legal Advisor further argued that in hiring a lawyer they followed the blueprint laid by Ernest Koroma whom, he said, hired SLPP lawyers when he was fighting the status quo about twenty years ago to assure that there will be no rack game. “We hired at great expense a lawyer who will get us results and after assurances that although this lawyer has some NAC members as clients, he would not be conflicted,” he said.

He concluded by saying that the party needs a worthy governance body to manage their reformation and lead them to a convention.



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