Orange Launches Special Sunakati Promotion

Sierra Leone’s leading mobile operator, Orange SL. on Thursday 2nd May 2019 at the Calaba Town round-about, launched yet again another Ramadan promotion, ‘SUNAKATI WIT ORANGE’, which will see many Sierra Leoneans getting various food items and cash during the month of Ramadan. This promotion is slated to last from the 2nd May to end on the 15th of June 2019.

Speaking during the launching ceremony, the Strategic Marketing and Partnership Manager, Orange Money Department, Madam Abibatu Baxton, said that Orange always gives what matters to its customers, as recently it launched ‘Di Rial 4G’ internet data service, which has changed the face of 4G internet in the country. She also spoke about the reduction of price of data, voice communication clarity, Sunday Kola, Youth Offer (YO) etc. and the extension of their network across the country.

On the promotion during this period, Madam Baxton maintained that this is not the first time to undertake such a promotion. They have always been rolling out new promotions every Ramadan period. The package of the promotion is that 10 customers will win food supply every day for a period of one week; 20 customers will win food supply for a period of one month and at the end of the promotion, 5 people will win food supply for a period of one year and Le5 million cash each. The food supply, she disclosed, includes a bag of rice, gallon of oil, Sugar, Milk etc. and 450 people are expected to win nationwide by the end of the promotion.

Desmond Spaine, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Orange-SL, said that as an institution they always ensure that they work towards their CSR and in this regard stated that over the years they have built schools, taken care of Ebola children and currently they are taking care of some 50 kids at the SOS Freetown, BO and Makeni. As part of the Ramadan promotion, they will ensure that they provide food package to the less privileged across the country for the 30 days period of the Ramadan.

Voice, Data, Device Manager Orange-SL, Felix Z. Macaulay, also added his voice to the promotion, maintaining that they are coming in four different ways, adding that “if you are using GSM you will benefit from all the offers like; weekend kola, data bundle, youth offer (YO) and these offers can also be enjoyed by orange money customers with reduction in the price of the offers. The promotion also includes giving food items to eleven mosques within the country. This revelation was greeted with cheers from on-lookers and passengers awaiting transportation to the city.


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