“Orange Money Lajor” Launched in Sierra Leone

CEO of Orange Money and team, David Samba Mansaray

By Mary Kabay

On September 24th 2020 Orange SL launched another new product “Orange Money Lajor” during a programme that was held at their central office on Rawdon Street in Freetown.

This new promotion for Orange subscribers is a joint business venture between Empire Solution and the Orange Money team.

The CEO of Orange Money team, David Samba Mansaray, gave a brief statement on the new loaning service.

Jeneba Dorcas Sacky, Human Resource/Admin Manager of Empire Solution Sierra Leone Limited, expressed delight for partnering with Orange Money Salone in order to meet the financial needs of people who are in need of money by offering loans to them without  guarantors or collateral securities as traditional commercial banks do request before granting loans.

The Assistant Marketing Manager of Orange Money, Alfred Kamara did a presentation on the loaning scheme.

Abibatu Turay, Assistant Manager, Other Financial Institutions Supervision Department (OFISD) of the Bank of Sierra Leone joined the CEO of Orange Money to launch the promotion.

Orange Money Lajor is a small loan scheme that allows KYC (Know Your Customer) to take place. To be eligible to benefit from the scheme one should be known as a registered subscriber of Orange Money. Also the subscriber should have been frequently using Orange Money, meaning that the customer’s name and other details must have been in the Orange Money system.

It other words, customer registration and active money transactions, using Orange Money are key determinants for subscribers to be able to access loans using their mobile phones via their Orange Money accounts. These customers or subscribers must have been actively using the Orange Money platform for 90 days and above.

This loan scheme is available on a 24 hours basis as long as customers are qualified to take loans.

The loan amounts issued are within the range of Le15, 000, Le30, 000, Le 50, 000, Le100, 000 and Le200, 000.

To obtain this loan, customers must firstly register for the service and accept the terms and conditions. After successful registration customers will be qualified to access loans.

To register always dial #144# and select option 7 or you directly dial #144*7#. You can do your transaction through Orange Money Lajor easily. Don’t forget that there are charges allocated for each loan transaction and it is affordable for the least person’s use. The charges are 12% fee on any loan amount applied for.

Customers have an option to pay at any time within 30 days.

If it happens that customers do not pay within 30 days, the customers’ Orange Money Accounts will be blocked and they will be only allowed to cash in. The account will only be opened after customers pay.

Added penalties on customers will be 5% interest if payment is done within 31-60 days and 10%interest if it is done after 60 days.

Reminder SMS will be sent to all customers before the expiration of the duration.

Customers can repay loan by dialing#144# and select option 7 or directly dial #144*7#. Customers can also repay in bits as long as it is within 30 days.

The Orange Money Lajor makes room for a specific help line for its service which could be accessed by dialing *747# and 111 for any information or complaint regarding the service.

However, this service does not make room for taking loan on behalf of another customer or even pay on behalf of another customer.

The Orange Family is encouraging Sierra Leoneans to embark on this new loan offer as it requires no long process.

Just be part of the Orange Money Family, conduct transactions with your Orange Money account. The team is ready to meet you at the point of your need through your phone and without explaining your problem you will get a solution.



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