Osman Said Kamara Declared Wanted for Practising Gay and Bisexual

Osman Said Kamara, running for his life

By Lamin Vamboi

It has been confirmed that the Community Coordinator for a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Street Child Sierra Leone, Osman Said Kamara has been declared wanted by the police, traditional and religious leaders for allegedly practising bisexual and gay activities in Sierra Leone.

It is completely forbidden for anyone to practise bisexual, gay and lesbianism in Sierra Leone. Anyone caught practicing any of the above and charged to court and found guilty will be sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour.

Osman who has three siblings is the Community Coordinator of the above named NGO with specific duties to interact with community leaders on a daily basis under strict instructions to educate the public about sexual and gender based violence issues. He is also expected to sensitize the people including parents on their critical roles regarding the safety of women and girls in the respective districts they are operating.

He was specifically dealing with child abuse and sending reports related to those areas on a daily basis to their headquarters for prompt intervention.

A senior family member Abdul Rahman Kamara told this medium that due to his activities Osman Said Kamara became afraid to explain to friends about his bisexual activities with his male counterpart.

The Crime Officer of the Family Support Unit at the Kissy Division, Inspector Mohamed Mansaray told this medium last night that Osman Said Kamara was caught with his male friend Patrick at 06:30am on the 19th October 2016 inside the former’s (Osman Said Kamara) room, naked. He said the two were caught romancing and kissing contrary to the country’s laws.

He said both men went out to get some fun at a Club and Patrick decided to pass the night at Osman’s residence because they wanted to do their illegal act.

Inspector Mansaray who is investigating the matter said Osman’s brother Amadu Kamara met them naked in the room in the early hours when he went to woke him up for prayers.

He said Osman failed to close the door when doing their illegal act and immediately raised an alarm that caught the attention of their parents and other Muslim worshippers who were at the Mosque.

He said Osman’s father entered the room with machete and started hitting both of them and in the process, they sustained serious injuries on their necks and bodies.

Osman later escaped, from the room when the irate youths focused their attention to Patrick.

The matter the officer said was later reported to the Calaba Town Police Station.

He said since the matter was reported the whereabouts of both Osman and his fiancee Patrick remains unknown. He said the police are vigorously searching for Osman for possible charges and prosecution.

Other family members have expressed serious concern about the whereabout and safety of Osman.


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