Over Claim of Patient’s Untimely Death… Management of Shuman Hospital Discredits Unfounded Allegation

By Amin Kef Sesay

In a Public Statement, issued on the 31st October 2021by the Shuman Hospital in Freetown, relating to the death of one Frederica lfeoma Oruche who was admitted at the said hospital during which time a Turbinectomy Surgery was performed but ended up passing away, With the aim of addressing the aforementioned allegation, Management of the said hospital attempted to put the records straight.

It must be reiterated that setting the records straight by the Management of Shuman Hospital was preceded by an allegation that Frederica lfeoma Oruche did not die naturally stressing that her death is quite questionable.

According to the Management of Shuman Hospital, Frederica lfeoma Oruche, went to the surgery room on the 18th October 2021 at 12 pm, and during the operation it was noticed that she has congenital malformation in the nasal area, leading it to be a very complicated surgery due to the internal bleeding.

The Management furthered how their doctors tried their best to resuscitate her and successfully woke her up until a sudden change that happened to her condition until oxygen was no longer reaching her respiratory system.

It continued that after 3 hours of intense surgery, the cause of death was discovered to be Pulmonary Embolism, caused by the blockage of the Pulmonary arteries that facilitate blood going to the lungs.

“This is a very critical medical condition that leads to 90% of death of patients with said condition,” one of the Doctors intimated.

Management stated further that theirs is a hospital that prides itself in its intense care for its patients maintaining how they will always be working to serve humanity further assuring that they are doing their best to ensure that they get to the bottom of the said allegation. At that juncture Management expressed its deepest condolences to the Oruche family.

This medium was informed by Management that as a hospital built by and for the community of Sierra Leone for over 10 years, with a reputation that precedes itself as being one of the best in the country, Shuman Hospital has always gone above and beyond to serve its patients with high technical and medical care!

Based on what was said over 70 surgeries are performed in a month that take place in their facilities with very high success rate when the cases are dependent on their professional medical care team and service.

Management continued that as a matter of fact, during the Corona virus (COVID- 19) worldwide pandemic, Shuman Hospital did its best to stand for the community, kept its doors open (safely) and ensured respiratory machines that were in scarcity at the peak of the pandemic, were available for  patients in desperate need of them.

“We have a track record regarding the continuous effort and professionalism towards our patients,” it was underscored.

They said having said that  the incident that occurred recently followed by the allegations against the hospital and one of their Doctors came to them as a shock adding how the hospital and their staff condemn any actions of violence toward their patients or any human.

It was argued that they have all the trust that the hospital did its best to help the deceased and as far as her condition is concerned, there were no signs of neck fracture and any severe physical assault from the time she entered their facility until she was deceased and left the premises of Shuman Hospital.

“We are working with the Police investigators and providing them with all the medical reports needed to understand why said allegations were made,” Management assured.


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