Partnering to Serve Humanity Consortium Extends Aid to Kroo Bay Fire Victims

By Abubakarr Harding

The Kroo Bay Community witnessed a remarkable display of solidarity as the Partnering to Serve Humanity Consortium, comprising the Tzu Chi Foundation, Healey International Relief Foundation, Lanyi Foundation, and Caritas Freetown, On Thursday, November 16, 2023, joined forces to provide aid to victims of a devastating fire.

The tragic incident left 65 households and 325 individuals’ homeless, with their homes and belongings reduced to ashes. Responding swiftly to the urgent needs of the affected community, the Consortium distributed both essential food and non-food items.

Addressing the residents of Kroo Bay, Ambassador Adekunte King, the Minister of the Western Region, offered words of encouragement, urging the community to remain resilient in the face of adversity.

He emphasized the importance of responsible waste disposal, cautioning against the potential for disaster and sickness that can arise from improper waste management.

Ambassador King stressed the need to engage professionals for electrical services and discouraged the hazardous practice of connecting multiple houses to a single electric pole.

Tzu Chi Foundation’s country representative, Margaret Bassie, shed light on the root cause of the fire, attributing it to an electrical fault. She detailed the aid packages, which included 325 bags of rice, 130 blankets, 325 multigrain items, 3 sets of clothing for 150 women and girls, 63 bundles of zinc, and 3 packets of various sizes of nails.

Expressing gratitude, on behalf of the affected community, Rev. Father Peter Konteh, the Executive Director, thanked the Tzu Chi Foundation for their support, both in prayers and material assistance.

Father Konteh underscored the vital role of their organization as an intermediary, facilitating connections between donors and communities in need.

He emphasized the shared philosophy of Caritas and the Partnering to Serve Humanity Consortium, focusing on uplifting the lives of the less privileged.

In conclusion, the Executive Director urged the fire victims to remain vigilant and to seek professional assistance for their electrical needs, reinforcing the importance of safety and responsible community practices.


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