Pastor Mambu Prophesizes End of Coronavirus

Pastor Francis A.M Mambu

By Amin Kef Sesay

One of the most popular and highly revered pastors of modern times in Sierra Leone, Pastor Francis A.M Mambu, has prophesized to his congregation that the nation will soon end its coronavirus warfare but not until after many heads would have rolled.

He furthered that despite various prophesies from across the world that the coronavirus pandemic should have ended by March this year, however, the Lord had told him “it’s going to be a long journey.”

The Man of God said few days ago the Lord revealed to him that the nation is beginning the end of the coronavirus journey towards September.

“Whether you believe it or not, I believe what the Lord told me that Sierra Leone in particular is coming to the end of its pandemic hike,” he highlighted.

Pastor Mambu, as he is widely known, admonished his congregation to continue praying. “The journey will soon end, but many heads will have to roll, and many things will be exposed before end of the year,” he also prophesied.

The outspoken Man of God further informed that God will never confine a prophet for half a year. “I kept fasting and praying in confinement until  it came a time my flesh got weary and God asked me to take note that ‘He has never done anything without a reason – having known Him for years – that anything He asks me to do, He has a reason; assuring that the end of the journey is closer’.

Based on what Pastor Mambu said, the recent corruption drama in the House of Parliament is a beginning of the answers to the many prayers offered. He forecast: “As revelations begin to unfold, many people will flee the country and never to be returned.”

He maintained how Sierra Leoneans would be taken aback when they witness the unveiling of so many evil things standing in the way of the progress of the country.

Pastor Mambu disclosed that not too far from now he will address the nation but after completing the assignment given to him by God.

Pastor Mambu is the General Overseer of the Faith Healing Bible Church.


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