PPRC Admonishes Both APC & SLPP

PPRC Chairman and Commissioners with APC & SLPP Executive

By Edward Vamboi

The leadership of the All Peoples Congress Party and the Sierra Leone Peoples Party, on  the 3rd February 2020, met with the Political Parties Registration Commission and in attendance were ,the Office of National Security (ONS), National Electoral Commission (NEC )and the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), to discuss the spate of violence around the precincts of their Party offices.

The commission conveyed the growing frustrations and concerns of the public and the effects of these violence on the image of the country.

The two parties were reminded of the fact that, since independence, they have been the only two political parties that have had the opportunity of governing the country at various times. They therefore owe a debt of gratitude to the people of this country, for according them that privilege.

The frequent breaches of the public peace by both parties, are by no means a demonstration of such gratitude and certainly not complimentary of the leadership of both parties.

Other state institutions present, also expressed similar sentiments and admonished the two parties demonstrate respect for the law and the people of this country, that have accorded them all privileges and trust.

In their responses, the two parties denounced violence and call on democratic institutions like the JUDICIARY, ONS, SLP NEC, PPRC AND SLP, to rise to their responsibilities and adopt decisive measures aimed at curbing these violence, without let or hindrance.

In a bid to de-escalate the Political tensions and intolerance between these Parties, it was resolved that:

  1. Continuous engagements between the two parties be encouraged and promoted.
  2. That the inter party dialogue committee to meet more frequently.

3.That a communication link be established between the two parties. To that end, a six man communication committee was constituted three from each party.

  1. That the leadership of both parties, shall arrange mutual visits to their respective party offices, preferably within this week, as a demonstration of good will
  2. That both parties shall continue to admonish their supporters to be law abiding.
  3. That a meeting of all political parties be summoned under the leadership of APPA, with a view to discussing and adopting General resolutions, respecting the conduct of political parties


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