Protection of the Environment Must Be Prioritized


By Ranger

It’s time to demand prompt and robust action from the Government, the populace, and the younger generation to protect the environment in light of the ongoing environmental hazards we face, particularly in the country’s capital.

As a suggestion, the Government should make “Environmental Education” a major, compulsory subject in all levels of education, from primary to tertiary. This will impart environmental protection knowledge to the next generation and inspire community action.

Also, in order to reduce the rural-urban migration for basic facilities, which has clogged and overpopulated the capital city [Freetown], some Government Ministries and other institutions’ head offices should be completely relocated to other major cities in the country.

Added to that, measures against poor urban settlements should be implemented without regard for the people affected or out of fear. As much as humans require shelter, the environment also has to be preserved and conserved for safety and long-term needs.

Finally, people should be made to realize and believe that climate change is real, it is happening now, and collective action is required to combat it, extensive environmental awareness programs should be carried out at the local level and in the simplest form.







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