Pursued by Politically Motivated Youths… Alpha Sheriff and Family on the Run

Alpha Sheriff, popularly known as “APC Sheriff”
Alpha Sheriff, popularly known as “APC Sheriff”

By Millicent Senava Mannah

It is indeed sad to note that in the wake of the 10th August, 2022 violent protests that took place in parts of Freetown, Makeni and Kamakwie, which claimed the lives of serving Police Officers and civilians there have been reports of reprisals, said to be politically dictated or motivated.

There have been unconfirmed secret killings of individuals, whom it is believed are staunch supporters of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Party, whose operatives, it is mooted were behind the aforementioned violent protests.

One individual, whom this medium has confirmed has been under serious threat as well as his family members, is one Alpha Sheriff, who is popularly known as “APC Sheriff”, a very well known and instrumental member of that political party.

Alpha Sheriff, a Sierra Leonean, was a one-time US Marine who decided to settle in his home country in order to contribute to national development by establishing business enterprises and engage in agricultural projects, which included setting up a Security Agency, having livestock as well as cultivating a cashew farm. The security company, it was learnt, was employing over four hundred and fifty young people and was contracted by various public and private entities to provide security services.

However, in the wake of the violent protests, when Alpha Sheriff made various attempts to renew the licenses for the Security Agency his applications were turned down without any convincing reason or justification given.

Besides, all his previous contracts had been terminated which could only be better explained that the agency has been blacklisted. His investments in livestock and his cashew plantation are now left unattended as there is no one to give support to those that were giving helping hands and even to supervise.

According to independent accounts, Alpha Sheriff has been seriously pursued by irate young political stalwarts evident in threatening remarks that have been made against him and his family members, which many have attested to.

Many have expressed fear that because of his past and fierce criticisms against the current ruling SLPP Government, headed by President Julius Maada Bio, he is a potential target for elimination. Besides, it is said that because of him, his immediate family members, who are Musa Sheriff, Ibrahim Sheriff, Keifala Sheriff, Isata Sheriff, Mariam Sheriff and Chernor Sheriff, are now on the run but living in constant fear that if they return to the country they could be identified by overzealous SLPP supporters, who will live no stone unturned but to unlawfully take their lives.

Alpha Sheriff and Chernor Sheriff
Alpha Sheriff and Chernor Sheriff

From what this medium finally understood, Alpha Sheriff, narrowly escaped and is now residing in a neighbouring country. It was also learnt that some of his family members who could afford it have also fled the country.





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