Qnet-Sierra Leone Debunks False & Baseless Allegation

Qnet-Sierra Leone

By Amin Kef Sesay

After series of intense investigation mounted by this medium relating to an allegation making the rounds on certain media platforms that about 30 stranded Sierra Leoneans were lured into Ghana and defrauded by certain members of staff of Qnet-Sierra Leone it was established that such an allegation was not valid as it was completely false and has no iota or semblance of truth in it.

However, what came out glaringly was that the act was perpetrated by certain Ghanaian fraudsters, purporting to be working for Qnet-Sierra Leone perpetrated the nefarious act.

The 30 Sierra Leoneans were lured on the pretext of recruiting them into a mining company in Ghana. The Sierra Leoneans arrived in Ghana in February this year after the fraudsters collected $750 from each of them on the pretext to recruit them into an un-existing mining firm, GMC.

They were promised juicy salaries of $500 per month but after arriving in the country, it turned out to be a scam. They realised it was a scam after they arrived at Atwima Nwabiagya South District of the Ashanti region town called Abuakwa Manhyia.

Though some workers of the company were arrested by the Abuakwa Police command after the foreign nationals reported the case, the Sierra Leoneans say the suspects have been freed without forcing them to repay back their money so as to return to their country.

Some of them who spoke to this medium via phone said they hardly make ends meet since they have nothing on them.

A lady, Adama Josephine Sesay, explaining how she got into the country said: “I was back in Sierra Leone and one of my neighbours called me and said he has a job in Ghana for me and he told my dad. So, my dad asked how much he was supposed to pay and he said $1000. Then my daddy gave me the money and transport and I came to Ghana. After two days, I asked the agent where the job he promised was because I will report him to the police but he told me to keep quiet and that when I go to the police they will lock me up because I have nobody here that will fight for me.”

Osman Turay, a surveyor, said he sold his house, sheep and goats to pay for the deal with the aim of coming to Ghana to work and better his life only to turn out to be a scam.

He intimated how he had appealed to certain officials of the Government of Ghana to intervene and help them get their money back and return to their country after the borders are reopened. “I need the Government to help us so that we can get our money back and go back to our country because now I don’t have anything to go back to my country. Even if I go back, the condition is not good because I sold my house, where am I going to stay now?” he lamented.

When officials of Qnet in Sierra Leone were contacted to know if they are aware of any such arrangement as it was associated to their organization they expressed total disbelief saying this is now the second time they have heard of such a scam. They categorically maintained that they are not involved in any form of trafficking people as such is not part of their business plan or mandate. They explained further that it is an unfortunate situation adding that they are admonishing members of the public that whenever anybody or a group of people contact (s) them to transact any financial deal posing as workers of Qnet they must endeavour to contact their office for proper confirmation.



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