Saio Sorious Samura’s on police custody for involvement in homosexuality’s

Saio Sorious Samura

By Abdul Rahman Kamara

According to reports reaching this medium, it was reliably understood that a young Sierra Leonean by the name of Saio Sorious Samura was beaten almost to death in the hands of some irate youths in the community where he was residing for involving in a gay sexual affair otherwise known as homosexuality.

In a country where being a gay or a lesbian is widely frowned upon and considered to be a serious taboo and a grave offences for which any perpetrator could be lynched to death in the form of mob justice, as the oldest Islamic communities in Sierra Leone.

Indeed, for most families in this country, any member found wanting is deemed to have brought a big shame on the family and as such is culpable to be ostracized or stone to death. Equally too, religious believers in this part of the world see such as very ungodly and totally unacceptable.

A close neighbor explain to this medium that when they transferred to the Fourah Bay Community December 2013, Sulaiman Hamid (Afasu) who was their landlord who also happened to be a Gay and was also a seemingly pious Muslim.

He furthered that on the 2nd June 2019 one Mr. Affa Bilal came to the house of Sulaiman Hamid, who happens to be the landlord of Saio and his mother, as Bilal occasionally call the landlord to go for evening prayers at a nearby mosque. On that day, Bilal used the back door to enter the house because he has been suspecting a clandestine relationship between the Landlord and Saio. In the process of entering the house he proved himself right as he caught them red handed on the act.

Upon seeing them having sex, Bilal started shouting: Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! “Allahwakbar”, neighbour reach to attendance and some community youths they further grab the landlord by his neck, beaten and was stabbed to death later dragged him outside while hitting Saio on his head. At that same time irate youths falls on Saio and was beaten mercilessly to the point of death leaving him bleeding from different parts of his body until he became unconscious, body was picked by police in a bag to the station but later noticed by people that he was still alive.

Whether Saio will turn up and survive is a wait and see situation, but according to one of the police boss sergeant Kamara says when Saio Sorious Samura regained his health he will be sent to jail for such an act because the law is against it and also our customs so their is no protection for homosexual.

See more details in subsequent editions.


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