Salone Malema Demands Solidarity in the COVID-19 Fight

Kandeh Sesay

By Amin Kef Sesay

With a high sense of patriotism and deep concern for his fellow Sierra Leoneans, the result-oriented, pragmatic, eloquent ,smart, philanthropic  and charismatic Publisher and Managing Editor of the “Watch” Newspaper, Kandeh Sesay, who is widely known as Salone Malema has called on Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad to join the fight against the COVID -19 in the country.

He made this disclosure when contacted by young people to sound his views on the state of the COVID-19 in the country and on other issues. Kandeh thanked the Government of Sierra Leone for the steps taken so far to fight the deadly corona virus in the country and also applauded the efforts of medical workers in combating the corona virus in the country.

He added that the corona virus has ravaged the world’s economy and mighty nations are battling to curb the virus in the world.

Responding to questions posed to him relating to the recent Presidential Speech, Kandeh said it was very timely for the President to speak to the nation on the state of lawlessness, incitements and indiscipline in the country; he called on young people not to be used to cause mayhem in the country but rather be of good use to the country. He further said that in a democracy “freedom of speech is guaranteed, but it must be within the confines of the constitution of the nation”.

He admonished Sierra Leoneans not to use hate messages to fuel violence in the country but rather to put the interest of the country above all else, as it is stated in the country’s national pledge.

He called on the President to urge the justice sector to start its operations saying justice delayed is justice denied and also called on other political parties to join the fight against the Covid-19.

He made reference to the Economic Freedom Fighter’s party in South Africa who donated six million Rand (R6,000,000) to the solidarity fund in South Africa to help the fight against the COVID-19 and enjoined other political parties to replicate such a donation.



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