Samura Kamara Worships at As Salaf As- Salih Mosque & Donates Bags of Rice

By Edward Vamboi

Throng of worshippers at the As – Salaf As -Salih Islamic Mission Mosque at Rukupa in the  East End of  Freetown, on the 15th January 2021,  played host to the frontrunner of the APC presidential ticket, Dr. Samura Kamara during their Friday Juma prayers.

Dr. Samura, who is no stranger in that part of Freetown was again well received by worshippers, residents and supporters of the APC party at the Rukupa community.

The officiating Imam, Sheikh Yusuf ,centered his sermon on the virtues of patience and perseverance and entreated Dr. Samura Kamara to remain focus on the goal he has set himself to lead Sierra Leone. “Even though we are not politicians, we shall remain grateful for the significant role the APC leadership played in the establishment of the National Council of Imams,” he said.

In his response, Dr Samura Kamara extolled the virtues of the Islamic religion and said even though he is a Christian, he remains committed to the promotion of Islam and religious tolerance in Sierra Leone. “Today, I feel inspired by the Islamic lecture about patience. It actually also resonates with a Christian principle called the Waiting Grace….our county is today faced with numerous challenges but let us continue to be patient until God’s appointed time to redeem us all,” he stressed amidst loud rounds of applause from the worshippers.

Dr. Samura Kamara later donated sixty (60) bags of rice to the senior clergy of the As – Salaf As -Salih Islamic Mission Mosque before departing Freetown for Makeni for another function.


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