Sierra Leone News: 1st Lady Commended For Her Prayer Against Enemies of Progress

First Lady, Madam Fatima Bio

Concerned that there are bad minded people around the presidency with different intention towards her husband and his resolve to make good on his avowed promise to deliver the nation from its long suffering, First Lady Madam Fatima Bio has offered Ramadan prayers for her husband and the liberation of the nation from the clutches of what she called evil, demonic people.

Madam Bio prayed that these devilish people around her people who do not want to see the happiness of others, who only wish the president and the nation evil, not good, be dumped into darkness by Allah and when they die be allowed into the next world, saying if her husband is not watching, she is watching.

Many people have interpreted differently Madam Bio’s prayers to Allah to deliver her husband from people that are around him who feed him lies and made up stories about other people to perish.

There are those who firmly believe that the First Lady did the right thing, whilst there are those who say she should have been circumspect and not gone public with her advice given to her husband to beware and for Allah to open his eyes to evil minded people close to him.

It cannot be denied that there are always self-seeking people around leaders who not only “kongosah” to win favors but go as far as saying with manifest malicious intent damaging things about others to the leader in order to sow bad blood and suspicion between the leader and others he depends on.

That being the case, the entire nation – Muslims and Christians – should join with Madam Bio to pray against any evil forces that intend to bewitch the president and divert him from completing his mission of liberating this our beloved country from the shackles of poverty, illiteracy, poor health, unemployment and all the failings that continue to rank us among the poorest nations in the world, in spite of the abundance of resources that we have for rapid economic development.




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