Sierra Leone News: AIG Sovula to Face Police Disciplinary Action  

As He Misbehaves to IPCB Official…

Ambrose Michael Sovula, AIG of Police – North East

In a letter dated 15th May, 2019 written by Emerlin George, Board Executive Secretary – IPCB, addressed to the Inspector General of Police and copied to several relevant authorities, the writer makes bitter complaint against Ambrose Michael Sovula, AIG of Police – North East.

Among other salient issues, the writer stated that on the 15th of April 2019, the IPCB received two complaints at its their regional office in Makeni from Idriss Sankoh, a motor bike rider in Makeni City and Michael Fallah Kamanda  (PC 6589)  a serving member of the Sierra Leone Police attached at the Mena Police Station Makeni.

According to the letter, the IPCB initiated an investigation into the matter, with a view of determining the conduct of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) personnel involved.

According to the letter, the IPCB approached Mr. Ambrose Sovula, the AIG for North – East at his regional office, Mena Police Station and briefed him about the two complaints.

However, according to the letter of complaint, to the dismay of the IPCB, Sovula without regard to protocol ordered the arrest and detention of the complainant that was brought to the Mena Police Station by the IPCB and also ordered the indefinite suspension of PC 6589 Kamanda M. F from police duty immediately.

According to the complaint, even though the IPCB Complaints and Investigations Officer pleaded with the Sovula to withdraw his decision and look into the fact of the matter as alleged, not as a verdict due to the fact that Idrissa Sankoh was having a fracture of the jaw bone and urgently needed medical attention, Sovula insisted on his order for the arrest and detention of Idrissa Sankoh and the suspension of PC 6589 Kamanda M. F. in the presence of Mr. Richard S. Freeman, the Chairman of the IPCB.

He further complained that in the eyes of the ordinary citizens especially onlookers at the police station, Sovula demonstrated utter disrespect to the IPCB because the complainant was in the possession of the IPCB when Sovula arrested and detained him.

The complaint further states that Sovula treated the complainant like a criminal who does not deserve being treated with courtesy and humanity. There was no reason for Sovula to be so obnoxiously disrespectful to the IPCB in the performance of its functions.

The IPCB, according to the letter was astounded by the approach of AIG Sovula and his conduct.

It went further to state that ‘in light of the above, the IPCB considers this as misconduct involving an officer of higher rank under Regulation 3 (1) (e) and Contempt of the Board under Regulations 26 (e) of the IPCB Regulations, 2013, the reason why the complaint against Sovula was made.







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