Justice Biobele Georgewill

The Citizens Advocacy Network (hereinafter referred to as CAN) shares the trepidation expressed by citizens over the alleged burglary at the residence of Justice Biobelle Georgewill (one of the Sole Commissioners of the Commissions of Inquiry).

CAN would like to register its utter and unequivocal condemnation of such devilish act and emphasise that such negative developments are  uncharacteristic of the values we hold as a nation and people. CAN empathises with Justice Biobelle for the shock and stress of waking up to such an ugly recipe of disappointment and insecurity.

CAN has learnt with dismay that the alleged incident which took place on Monday 22nd July, 2019, resulted into the burglar(s) carting away with Justice Georgewill’s laptop computer which according to reports contained classified information or records that are crucial to the work of the Commission he is superintending. CAN notes with grave concern the manner in which the contrived burglary set-off and the ease with which the burglars breached what was expected to be a well-secured residence.

CAN wishes to remind state and security authorities about their fundamental responsibility to provide solid security for a judge of such calibre, especially when the work he is engaged in is so sensitive and of monstrous significance to the people of Sierra Leone. The invasion of his residence and the theft of his computer raises serious questions of the vulnerability of officials of such stature to attacks and security threats.

CAN is therefore calling on the Criminal Investigations Department and other security outfits concerned to mount a speedy but judicious investigation into the issue leading to a logical conclusion to assure Justice Biobelle and all Sierra Leoneans of their safety and security. CAN would like to make a strong commitment that it would follow with keen interest the investigation process in every inch of the way with a view to keeping citizens posted or well informed.

CAN believes that one of the fundamental tenets of a democratic system is the guaranteeing of the safety and security of citizens or public officers in the discharge of their duties. This onus squarely rests on the shoulders of the security forces.

CAN calls for calm and entreats the security apparatus of the state to do the needful in reassuring citizens and non-citizens alike of their security, the supremacy of our laws and the stability of our nation. We look forward to a decent and accurate investigation.

God bless Sierra Leone!

Thomas Moore Conteh
Executive Director


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