Sierra Leone News: Basita: Untainted Lawyer – Worth Emulating

President of Sierra Leone Bar Association, Basita Michael Esq
It is no longer a secret that the current President of Sierra Leone Bar Association, Basita Michael Esq, is coming under a lot of pressure from different set of people who do not favour her presentation as she speaks truth to power during her presentation at Bintumani Conference on Friday 24th May, 2019.
Basita Michael has said a government cannot be preaching peace when it is sacking people who have security of tenure in the statute and the constitution and at the same time imposed a Speaker in Parliament on the majority party.
Michael, known for her commitment to saying the hard truth has continued to take critical and independent positions on national issues since her election to the Bar presidency.
Her Association few months back took the government to court for an interpretation on who determines the rules of evidence at the ongoing Commissions of Inquiries. Till date, the Chief Justice could not assign or enlist the matter. Her Association also criticized government’s action over what they referred as reclaiming state lands in the Western Area.
Many legal analysts see her tenure as one that has risen the Bar’s bar. Thus, this has increased public trust and confidence for the Bar.
What this group of negative thinkers failed to realize is that politics like the society we live in today is quite dynamic and inevitable to changes as time, people, ideas, technologies and what-have-you change with such rapidity at times; that it makes one’s head swim. But in the case of Basita, it is not unreasonable to state that though he might not be as old as the dinosaurs in the Bar, her membership to this noble association has brought about much change. It is a fact that unlike many other people that are behind the smear campaigns launched against Basita, they cannot hold a candle to Basita when it comes to cataloguing their achievements and contributions to the nation.
It is therefore very unfortunate and fallacious for anyone to describe or link Basita as a sympathizer or whatever because it is patently and glaringly untrue.
As stated earlier, those standing in the way of Basita’s rising popularity are actually standing in the way of change and it is written that anyone who stands in the way of change will be swept away by that change and again, as the saying goes; “change is inevitable.”
The current flock of SLPP members and indeed Sierra Leoneans generally are anxious for a change in all its forms (political, social, educational, employment wise…you name it). President Bio strongly believes in change, the reason why he has spent time implementing and emphasizing on change: change for better education, discipline, housing facilities, education, infrastructure, tourism etc. Basita is that person who is the trusted harbinger of change.
Now that elections are over, it appears as if no effort is being spared by ill-motivated, selfish and unprogressive people to damage the truth.
One thing is certain though, Sierra Leoneans are no longer fools. Sierra Leoneans know what and who is good for them. Sierra Leoneans know the politicians that are wolves in sheep clothing and they also know politicians who have ripped this country of its natural minerals resources in their diabolical quest to lead this nation.
Finally, Sierra Leoneans have confidence in the likes of Basita Michael who as far as the history of Sierra Leone is concerned, Basita integrity, reputation, honesty, straightforwardness, charisma and character have never been in doubt or in question since her name came into prominence several years ago, not as a politician but as a legal luminary.
All that matters to many people in Sierra Leone (within and outside the SLPP and APC) is that Basita presentation is about dialogue and engagement is the only way to resolve our differences. May common sense prevail!


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