Sierra Leone News: COI Judge’s Home Burgled

Justice Biobele Georgewill

The home of one of the Judges chairing the three commissions of inquiry into alleged corruption and abuse of office by ministers and senior officials of the former APC government – Justice Biobele Georgewill, was broken into by unidentified persons.

According to reports, the Nigerian Judge Biobele Georgewill was asleep, when the break-in took place.

It is understood that the culprits took away a laptop computer belonging to the Judge, which contains years of personal files, including confidential documents relating to the inquiry he is conducting in Sierra Leone.

There are speculations as to who could have carried out such an audacious crime on a property believed to have been heavily secured in Goderich, in the far west of Freetown. The police are investigating the crime.

What is of major concern though, is the shocking breach of data security, for those giving evidence at the inquiry, whose personal confidential information are stored on the computer.

This astounding data security breach, could now compromise and jeopardise months of hard work of collecting and investigating several alleged cases of corruption and abuse of power in Sierra Leone.

The Secretariat of the Commissions of Inquiry has issued this statement



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