Sierra Leone News: Developing the Music Industry in Sierra Leone

Mohamed Fadlu Bah

Music is the simplest and most powerful means of connecting the people of this country. It bridges linguistic and cultural divides, and it is a vehicle for identity and expression. Collectively, with music we can generate rich social, cultural and economic benefits for this country.

For the industry to grow, our artists must create meaningful lyrics in their songs – lyrics that are good and entail important issues, not just about love that has dominated the music industry.

There are many good songs by other artists that talk about women’s rights and other important issues. We should be able to put morals and values into the music industry.

The government through its ministries must be able to invest into the production, promotion and sustenance of the industry, as we have seen in other countries like Nigeria and South Africa whose government have spent huge amount of their taxpayer’s money to invest into their entertainment industries.

This in turn has yielded good dividend by not only creating jobs for the youth but also developed both the social and economic sectors of their countries.

Music producers are most important when it comes to moving the music industry to its best.

Even though we have good engineers that have produced well in the past and present, they must try in every way to improve their talent when it comes to producing music.

We must also be able to train unprofessional singers to know how to sing and make quality songs which is where we have entertainment experts. The government must come in.

Young artists must endeavour for now to learn from both local and international artists that have made their mark in order to improve their talents.

There is a saying that amongst many good singers and writers; if you want to be a good rapper, listen to every song of Tupac Shakur and if you want to be a pop singer if you listen to Michael Jackson.

Radio and club DJs must also help in their own way by banning all inappropriate music from the radio and night clubs that they spin.

Have less foreign artists music played on both the radios and in night clubs as many others have done.

The clubs and radio owners must instruct their workers to play at least 80% of our local music if they want to help in the promotion of our local artists.

Our artists and there video producers must be able to create more attractive videos with good technical qualities that will attracts viewers whenever aired on TV.



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