Sierra Leone News: Hon. Rado Yokie & 17 others Approved

Hon. Foday Rado Yokie-Minister of Mines and Minerals Resources

In a positive development Parliament has on Thursday 30th May 2019 debated and unanimously approved the First Report in the Second Session of its Committee on Appointments and the Public Service, chaired by Hon. Sidie M. Tunis.

The Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Parliament of Sierra Leone, Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu said that he was pleased with the nomination of Hon. Foday Rado Yokie in light of his experience and hoped he would assist Parliament to solve two thorny issues relating to welfare and capacity building for Members of Parliament. In this regard, he considered Hon. Yokie to be the Ambassador of Parliament to the Executive, so to speak.

The following presidential nominees were approved by Parliament:

  1. Hon. Foday Rado Yokie-Minister of Mines and Minerals Resources
  2. Dr. Alie Kabba-Permanent Representative of Sierra Leone to the United Nations, New York

111. Dr. Morie Komba Manyeh-High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ireland

  1. Dr. Kelvin F.E Anderson-Member, Board of Directors, Sierra Leone Local Content Agency
  2. Mr. Umaru Napoleon Koroma-Deputy Attorney General and Minister of Justice
  3. Madam Mamadi Gobeh Kamara-Deputy Minister of Information and Communications

VII. Mr. Edward Hinga Sandy-Minister of Trade and Industry

VIII. Hon. P.C Bai Sebora Kasanga II-Member, Local Government Finance Committee

  1. Mr. Alhaji Fanday Turay-Chairman, National Commission for Privatization
  2. Mr. David S. Woobay-Member, Local Government Finance Committee
  3. Mr. Habib Thorpe-Member, Local Government Finance Committee

XII. Mr. Anthony Fonnie-Member, Board of Directors, Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority

XIII. Mrs. Marie Kabba-Member, Board of Directors, Petroleum Regulatory Agency

XIV. Mr. Sheriff A. Sesay-Member, Board of Directors, Produce Monitoring Board

  1. Mrs. Amie Moriba-Member, Board of Directors, Produce Marketing Board

XVI. Mrs. Amie E. Greene-Member, National Commission for Privatization

XVII. Madam Emma S. Banya-Member, Board of Directors, Petroleum Regulatory Agency and

XVIII. Mr. Abdul R.C Sesay-Director General, HIV and AIDS Secretariat

Seconding the motion, Hon. Bashiru Silikie of SLPP decried nominees who failed to pick calls from MPs after they had been approved by Parliament, adding that MPs visit on purpose of development and not for begging. He cautioned the nominees to deliver on their appointments as excuses would not be tolerated for the attainment of success under the watch of President Bio. He eulogized Napoleon Koroma as the youngest Secretary General to win an election for the SLPP. He recognized Hon. Yokie as his mentor who inspired him in Parliament and described him as a visionary who is full of confidence, assuring that he would succeed as the Mines Minister for the benefit of the people of Sierra Leone.

Hon. Hassan Sesay of APC thanked President Bio for elevating a former Member of Parliament in the person of Hon. Foday Rado Yokie to serve in his Government as a Cabinet Minister in charge of Mines. He also spoke on the need for human relationship to transcend politics and called on nominees to deliver on their duties devoid of partisan considerations. He also called on the Deputy Minister of Justice to disrobe his SLPP regalia to serve and bring sanity to the justice sector. He recognized Mamadi Gobeh Kamara as a household name in the media realm.

Hon. P.C Bai Kurr Kanagbaro Sanka III implored the nominees to use their brains effectively for the development of Sierra Leone, adding that their success would determine continuity for the SLPP in governance. Recognizing the nomination of Hon. P.C Kasanga and Hon. Yokie, he particularly commended President Bio for the appointment of Dr. Alie Kabba to the United Nations, given the importance of the world’s governing body and its role during the war in Sierra Leone.

Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, Deputy Leader of the Opposition said that the APC is made up of patriotic citizens who are willing to cooperate and work with the Government of Sierra Leone, championed by President Bio. Speaking on women’s empowerment, he assured the House that Mamadi Gobeh Kamara is going to succeed in her new appointment as he had mentored her very well.

Hon. Mathew S. Nyuma, Deputy Leader of Government Business referred to Hon. Yokie as a fearless man who could not succumb to political pressure. Recalling when President Bio was stoned in Bo, he said trumped up charges were heaped on him and was later incarcerated because of his fervent and unwavering belief in President Bio and a pioneer of the “PAOPA” phenomenon. To this end, he said “the person could be incarcerated but not his spirit”.

Concluding, the Leaders of Government Business and the Opposition, Hon. Sidie M. Tunis and Hon. Chernor R.M Bah respectively endorsed the nominees and referred to them as competent and qualified to serve in high offices of State. They also implored the nominees to serve in the best interest of Sierra Leone.




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