Sierra Leone News: In Memunatu Jabbie Murder Case: Pathologist Confirms: ‘Death by Strangulation’

Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma

Government’s Chief Forensic Expert and Pathologist at Sierra Leone’s Connaught Hospital Mortuary, Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma has said, from autopsy examinations conducted on the remains of late Memunatu Jabbie, ‘it is clear that the deceased was manually strangled and had superficial slash on the neck.’

He added: “According to Autopsy result, it is clear that Memunatu was manually strangled, with superficial slash wound on the neck, fingernail marks and needle puncture at the lateral part of her neck and signs of attempted gang rape.” 24 years old Memunatu Jabbie was found dead last week Tuesday along the Aberdeen Mangrove Swamp area. She was a witness in the case of Hannah Bockarie who was raped and killed in 2015 at the Lumley/Aberdeen Beach.

Memunatu was a commercial sex worker who was testifying as witness on the murder trial of the late Hannah Bockarie.

Many say her death comes as a result of her latest testimonies on her late friend’s murder in court and for this and many other reasons, many people are now questioning the responsibility of the police in protecting their witnesses.

Head of Crime Services at the Criminal Investigations Department of the Sierra Leone Police, Assistant Inspector General Brima Jah explained that the police provided proper security for the deceased but that because of her type of business, she asked to be relocated in the West of the city.

“Police was providing her close protection security, money to take care of her needs and accommodation. But it came a time when she started creating unnecessary problems for the police and repeatedly disappear herself from police watch for reasons best known to her,” AIG Brima said.

He pleaded with the public to corporate with the police in investigating the late woman’s death.

Family members have called on the police to speedily look into the matter and help solve the mystery of women being targeted, raped and/or killed along the beach road.


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