Sierra Leone News: Lawrence Bangura Faces Death Threat

Lawrence Bangura: A Victim of Political Intimidation

Strongman for the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party in Sierra Leone, Lawrence Bangura, reports states is facing death threat as a result of his proactive move in spreading the political ideology of his party by criticising the current ruling government, the Sierra Leone’s People Party (SLPP) because according to him, the current President is dividing the country through tribalism, regionalism and intimidation of political opponents.

Bangura, who was residing at 31 Jones Street, in Freetown,  in the West End of Sierra Leone  has been accused of preaching hate political messages against the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party( SLPP) , whose stronghold has been a no go area for other political parties ,through Social Media (Facebook, Whatsapp etc…).

Police sources in Freetown confirmed to this writer that there have been several reports of political intimidation and that secret societies are in the habit of unleashing harassment on peaceful citizens which they say is an offence against the State.

SLPP which is dominant of the Mende ethnic group has been gaining prominence within the political landscape of the country as a result of the party’s proactive approach in exposing the excessive  aggressive behaviour of the ruling SLPP.

This has resulted to serious political intimidation wherein other parties are being targeted by SLPP operatives either confrontationally or in the name of secret societies.

Leaked investigation revealed that Lawrence Bangura’s name is among the list of people who have been shortlisted by some members of the ruling party to be summarily and secretly killed as Bangura has been accused of being busy and active posting all sorts of “bad things” against the ruling SLPP Government and also the President underscoring that they are tribalistic and have no respect for the rule of law.

Bangura who has been living in exile is afraid to return home upon knowledge of this new threat against his life. Since the new government (The Sierra Leone’s People Party) took power since April, 2018 they have been targeting any opponent who preaches or criticises the regime’s ideology of tribal and regional divide, killings of political opponents, intimidation and to the extent of beating one to death in some cases by law enforcement officers who receive ‘Orders From Above’ that is powerful politicians. “Any critical messages against our party will invoke lynching anybody to death,” some operatives of the ruling party were quoted to have said openly on social media posts.

Family and relatives are worried about his safety more so when reports have been made of missing politicians whose remains were later discovered in remote areas.

Political intimidation has now become the order of the day in the country with opposition parties finding it very difficult to survive amidst efforts made to address their plight and as well influence the International Community.

Family source disclosed that Bangura was declared wanted to get him eliminated whenever he returns back home due to the fact that he has been in the forefront promoting the ideology of his party while at the same time discrediting the ruling party. The game plan , according to investigation, was that they were  hiding under a cloak  to get rid of him which they had alleged is part of their political rites The hunt for Bangura on social media became imminent when the news was broke out by one of his close friends who himself is a member of the ruling party.

Government spokesperson, Yusuf Keketoma Sandi in an interview with this writer said his party has no business with those that have planned to attack the APC strongman and that it is against their party’s  rules to be involved in political violence.


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