Sierra Leone News: Maltina Donate Food Items to over 3000 Muslims

In Celebrating Eid Mubarak…

Brand Manager Aminata Kasim Carew

As the holy month of Ramadan ended on 4th May 2019, Sierra Leone’s foremost brewer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Sierra Leone Brewery Ltd. (SLBL), and one of Sierra Leone’s finest Hip Hop artist Algasimu Jah Junior aka Shadow Boxer joined Muslim worshipers at the National Stadium in Freetown to celebrate Eid Mabarak (Pray Day) by donating food and other items to over three thousand Muslims.

Speaking during the event Maltina Brand Manager Aminata Kasim Carew said the event is an Annual Maltina Zakaat that had been going on for the past three years nationwide, adding that every Ramadan they target at least 60 mosques across the country.

She informed her audience that Maltina serves all classes of people and is also good for pregnant women because it is full of calcium and potassium which is why Maltina it labeled as ‘Nourishment for life’,

“We want to change the negative perception of Muslims about the Brewery and we want them to know that the company has lots of good products which include the Maltina brand and we are really happy to celebrate with all Muslims on this special occasion,” she said.

She stated that the Maltina brand has been in Sierra Leone for over 25 years now and assured her audience that Maltina is here to stay. She noted that every year they increase the number of beneficiaries because the company believes in giving back to society. She added that the Maltina brand over the years has been sponsoring different developmental programs on education, heath, sports, entertainment and much more.

Algasimu Jah aka Shadow Boxer on his part said he felt happy to partner with the Brewery’s Maltina Brand, and especially for its undertaking such a charity event for Muslims. “What they are doing today is to show love to Sierra Leone Muslims by giving charity to over 3000 people. This is superb! And I am hoping to work with them on my upcoming entertainment project called Lucky 7,” Shadow Boxer informed his audience.

He used the opportunity to encourage all Muslims to embrace peace and Islam as it is a religion of peace and blessing.


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