Sierra Leone News: Religious Leaders Concerned Over Political Tensions

The Inter-Religious Council of Sierra Leone (IRCSL) in a press release has stated that it is very concerned about the current political tensions in the country after the Bintumani III conference.  According to the release, ‘This political tension continues to escalate with the tendency to create social unrest and undermines the peace and stability in the country.’

It added that the IRCSL condemns any action by political parties and individuals to incite and create chaos thereby undermining our hard won peace and stability through violence, hate speech and other malicious actions promoting disunity and division among Sierra Leoneans.

The release added that the IRCSL is therefore calling on all political parties and their supporters to respect the rule of law and desist from any form of violence, hate speech and malicious actions that has the potential to throw the country into chaos and instability.

‘We call on the government to take responsibility to peacefully resolve or address the ongoing political tensions and conflict in the country to enhance peaceful co-existence irrespective of tribe, region or political party.

‘We call on the security forces especially the Police to carry out their mandate of protecting lives and property with professionalism and respect for the rights of all citizens,’ the press release stated.

It went on to say that the IRCSL as “Moral Guarantor” of the peace of the country is putting modalities in place  to work with other stakeholders  to initiate a peaceful dialogue between the two giant parties – the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Parry (SLPP) and the All People’s Congress (APC) within the shortest possible time.

The release called on all Sierra Leoneans to remain calm, maintain the peace and respect the rule of law.  It added: ‘Remember that we only have one Sierra Leone and we all are Sierra Leoneans.’

It further called on all Churches and Mosques to continue praying for peace and stability in our country and to preach peace during our sermons to shape the moral life of our congregants and jamats for a peaceful Sierra Leone.



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