Sierra Leone News: National Development Depends on Peaceful Co-existence

Mohamed Fadlu Bah

The fact that no meaningful development can be attained in an atmosphere of chaos is indisputable. A society with turmoil is likely to experience retardation and stagnation rather than progress and sustainable development.

Growth and development especially in a multi-ethnic and diverse nation like Sierra Leone can only be attained when the people co-exist peacefully irrespective of their political views.

Sierra Leone was a British colony and shared boundaries with both Guinea and Liberia. None of the ethnic, cultural, religious and occupational groups that inhabit both sides of the border are anxious to destroy the other. Rather, what they want is a conducive atmosphere to carry out their businesses. The desire for peaceful existence is part of humanity and has dominated and continued to dominate international, national and local/community efforts at promoting the well-being of the people. The notion of peaceful co-existence is very crucial and relevant to international development efforts. Peaceful Co-existence can be a Tool for Sustainable Development in our country

It is as if our political leaders have not learnt anything from the brutal war that this country has gone through. We are still experiencing selective justice by the judiciary as the cases petitioned by the opposition party, the All People’s Congress has not been handled by the judiciary. We have seen the police firing teargas at supporters of the opposition and also heard about what happened in Port Loko involving the former Vice President, Dr. Samuel Sam Sumana.

The new government has the responsibility to create a platform for a peaceful environment for its citizens. They should address the ethnic and regional divide along political lines across the country as well as to strengthen peace and national inclusion. By organizing a round table discussion with the main opposition party and other political parties, aimed at discussing how to bring about lasting peace.

Bintumani III Conference was a laudable venture by the government to bring the whole country together under one roof.  But you cannot put the cart before the horse or you build a house without a foundation. As a country, we must start by bringing peace within the aggrieved political parties

It must be noted that without peaceful political co-existence there will be no economic prosperity and sustainable development, for it is only when there is peace that a nation can grow.


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