Sierra Leone News: NP-SL Bags Best Company of the Year

General Manager NP-SL, Kobi Walker

As one of the most viable, sustainable companies that has been operating in this country for a very long period now and has stood the test of challenging times, the National Petroleum (NP) Sierra Leone Limited has proven beyond all reasonable doubts that it is making meaningful and positive socio-economic contributions to overall national development.

It is against this backdrop of excellent performances that on the 6th July 2019 the company was bestowed the prestigious honour of being the “Best Company of The Year” during the National Business Award 2018/2019 held here in Freetown.

Bagging such a prestigious award undoubtedly is indeed a very clear manifestation of how NP-SL is held in high esteem by many institutions and individuals for its efficacy in churning out best customer care services and being a result-oriented entity.

Receiving the award on behalf of the company, General Manager of NP-SL, Kobi Walker, first thanked the organizers of the programme furthering how they felt humbled for being recognized as a best company. “I want all and sundry to know that we are dedicating this award to the 35 Sierra Leoneans, whom we refer to as the founding fathers of NP-SL, extolling their foresight, selflessness, relentless efforts and dedication to establish this illustrious company that continues to spread its tentacles near and far to the admiration of many amidst the challenges we do face,” he profusely expressed appreciation.

It must be noted that the National Petroleum-Sierra Leone Management and its shareholders are always in agreement about what is good for the company, consumers and the country as a whole. In other words, both the Management and shareholders of this indigenous company are always energised and are of the view that they must be on top of situation in ensuring that the required stock of petroleum products are available to serve the nation thereby preventing the occurrence of shortage.

As a matter of fact, one of the outstanding characteristics which continue to catapult the National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited to an enviable position is its efficacy in impressively rolling out effective service delivery to its numerous esteemed customers near and far.

NP prides itself in ensuring that the interests of its numerous customers are well addressed to the best of the abilities of its staff in all their locations.

“We are very mindful that our customers should be our number one priority which is why we are very keen on doing our utmost at all times to give them optimal satisfaction,” Kobi Walker frankly informed.

Indeed, it will not come as any surprise to many, especially those dealing with the company, that in all its state of the art, customer friendly filling stations located in various parts of the country qualitative as well as timely services are always implemented in accordance to customers’ needs which has made the company to be rated as one of the most efficacious indigenous business entities that this country could really boast of.

For always ensuring that there are high grades of petroleum products available on the market has continuously restored customer confidence in the company.

The way and manner in which the company is exceptionally operating continues to impress many especially with its spectacular posture.

Although varying and emerging challenges keep rearing their ugly heads, one of which is the fluctuation of the dollar exchange rate to the Leone, within the context that the company purchases petroleum products using the dollar to do so, creating a situation whereby whenever the exchange rate is high NP –SL spends more to procure the dollar and vice versa, however, it has been trying all its best to keep business going.

Of course the company continues to offer various job opportunities to Sierra Leoneans without discrimination as long as they possess the requisite qualifications.

Management of the company thought it wise that if it is dealing in selling gas then the citizenry must be offered a basic gadget that functions with that product. This was how making available NP Gas for safer and convenient cooking purposes was introduced.

NP Gas is user friendly, readily available, cheap and very guarantee to use, a fact that has been corroborated through various interviews conducted to sound the opinions of people around the country. These gas cookers are found in all the filling stations operated by the company.

To be in line with latest technological trends the company has availed its customers the opportunity to use Smart Cards for purchasing purpose, meaning that buyers could top-up their cards to the tune of any amount which they can use intermittently to procure petroleum products. This has made it convenient for easy transactions to be done avoiding carrying huge physical cash or using chits and many are comfortable with that arrangement.

Astonishingly, as one of the only outstanding 100% indigenous company that has stood the test of time going the extra mile to establish branches in Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast and The Gambia which are vibrantly operating, is indeed no mean feat; it is an accomplishment worthy of recognition and indeed something good to write home about.

The company is doing exceptionally well in all the countries it is functioning and indeed there are prospects for further expansion.

Timely payment of taxes to Government makes NP one of the largest taxpayers to Government.

With all the sterling strides the NP-SL had and is making that continue to deepen sustainable socio-economic impact in improving the country’s economy and individual standards of living it did not come as any big surprise to especially those who are au fait with its operations for it to be awarded as the Best Company of The Year during the National Business Award 2018/2019.

From what this medium got from its Deputy Managing Director this recent singular achievement will serve as a motivational platform to forge ahead.



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