Sierra Leone News: Parliament Turns to a Battlefield

The ruling SLPP Member of Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Tawa Conteh representing Constituency 111 was yesterday embarrassed in the Well of Parliament by the Acting Speaker of Parliament, when Hon. Segepoh Solomon Thomas, who also doubles as the Deputy Speaker ordered the Sergeant at Arm to take Hon. Conteh out of the Well if refuses to sit down.

The issue came up during the ratification of the Financing Agreement that was brought by the Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa. Hon Tawa Conteh stood up quoting SO 23 in order to address some issues in the Agreement but the Acting Speaker did not allow the MP to say anything and that if he insists on standing the Sargent at Arm should ask him out.

The Leader of Government Business, Hon. Sidi Tunis and other APC Members of Parliament intervened quickly and asked the Acting Speaker not to allow Hon. Tawa Conteh to leave the Well. At that point some SLPP MPs rushed toward Hon. Tawa and the Sergeant at Arm preventing the latter not to throw Tawa out of the Well.

Hon. Ibrahim Tawa Conteh in his response in the Well of Parliament said this is not the first time the Acting Speaker has attempted to instruct him what to do saying he will never follow the wrong procedures in Parliament furthering how he will not sit down because he is an elected MP and that nobody has the right to tell him what to talk in Parliament as he is representing his people.

After the Leader of Government finally calmed down Hon. Tawa Conteh, the Acting Speaker then asked the MP to state his position on the Financing Agreement but the Member of Parliament refused to do so say and sat down.



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