Sierra Leone News: Rado Swarray Thrills 2019 Global Media Defence Forum …as 99 Journalists Slain Worldwide

Minister of Information and Communication Mr. Mohamed Rado Swarray

The Minister of Information and Communication Mr. Mohamed Rado Swarray has revealed that Western countries especially the United Kingdom and Canada launched the Global Media Defence Fund last week in London to act as a solidarity financial fund to sponsor journalists who may be trapped by the laws of their respective countries presumably to muzzle the media in defence of their rights.

The minister made this statement at the usual weekly press briefing organized by the information ministry. The minister who returned home last week after attending the Global Media Defence Fund conference hosted by the Foreign Office said it saw delegates from the world-over who discussed the lamentable state journalists are living especially journalists in Asian countries which saw the death of 99 journalists world over, he said the conference was a platform for delegates to express their views with particular focus in the media in their various counties of origin and both the UK. The Canadian government kick-started the fund with a huge undisclosed amount.

Back home, the minister said the New Direction government of President Bio holds high esteem for the media as a partner in development and as such view freedom of speech as a fundamental Human Rights stipulated in the Rule of Law. As such, he revealed that President Bio will revoke the criminal law of 1965, before the coming UK August meeting where he would be proud to report to the world the position of his government regarding the freedom of the media in Sierra Leone which has handicap its operations since 1965.

The minister however appealed to members of the Fourth Estate to be always be professional; as some strings will be attacked; as logically speaking, it is never too safe to be free.




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