Sierra Leone News: Religious Leaders Defuse Political Tension

Rev. Dr. Usman Jesse Fornah

The Inter Religious Council of Sierra Leone (IRCSL) in a Press Release says since the announcement of the 2018 elections result, it has been noticing high political tensions in the country and that the situation became more tense in the immediate aftermath of the High Court verdict of the election petitions, which resulted to some Members of Parliament losing their seats.

According to the IRCSL ’in the past week, the Executive Committee of the Inter-Religious Council as Moral Guarantors of the peace has been meeting major stakeholders to listen attentively to their interpretations of the situation and their suggestions for a solution to the problem. Eventually, the Committee will reflect on its findings and propose to all its recommendations regarding the way forward.’

The release added that the general impression of the Committee was that all sides want peace and a speedy resolution of the political impasse, to ensure that the country continues its development agenda.

In order to achieve this, the IRCSL is carrying out a fact-finding exercise and is appealing to all parties to remain calm and to avoid any action that might further exacerbate the situation. ‘We appeal especially to the leaders of all political parties to avoid hate speech, incendiary statements, incitement, or actions that might further disturb the peace,’ the IRCSL release added.

The press release signed by IRCSL General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Usman Jesse Fornah further stated that Sierra Leone is the only country we have and so therefore, we should do everything possible to make sure everyone feels at home.




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