Sierra Leone News: Sierra Leone Peace Ambassador Excels in Cairo

Ambassador Oseh John

On 7th June 2019 Ambassador Oseh John a Sierra Leonean Global Peace Ambassador and community activist and President of The Step Youth Organization, Founder of Children and Youth Development Initiative (CYDI SL) left for Cairo, Egypt to represent Sierra Leone in the 100 Most Influential Youth in Africa through the Jamal Abdel Nasser Fellowship Training Program.

His presentation has drawn the attention of many Sierra Leoneans at home and in the Diaspora for his outstanding performance during the two weeks Fellowship Training Program.

During the fellowship program he made key recommendations as to how the goal of the Nasser Fellowship could be actualized, adding that Agriculture should be a priority, underscoring how we should create free trade among African countries instead of depending on foreign nations or on importation of goods from overseas. He also suggested that young entrepreneurs should have access to loans that will empower them as young people as it has been a big challenge for young entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole to access such funds. He concluded by calling on Africa countries to unite as that will help build synergy.

The Nasser Fellowship is the first (African-to-African) fellowship to target young African executive leaders offering diverse operational disciplines within their communities, as well as one of the critical mechanisms of empowerment of the African transformational leadership endorsed by the African Union’s Agenda in order to stimulate and promote African values through self-reliance, solidarity, hard work, collective prosperity, building on the African successes, experiences and best practices for the formulation of the African model of transformation and development.

Speaking to this medium in an interview, Ambassador Oseh John disclosed that he is proud to be called a Nasser Fellow leadership character with reference attributes and accomplishment of Jamal Abdel Nasser and other African icons. However, he maintained that on his return, he is working in partnership with other youth groups to empower children and youth for them to serve as positive change agents in society.

Other delegates at the fellowship included young African executive leaders, decision-makers in the Government Sector, Executive Leaders in the Private Sector – Civil Society Activists – Heads of National Councils for Youth – Faculty members at Universities – Researchers in Strategic Research Centres – Members of Trade Unions – Journalists and Media Professionals.



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