Sierra Leone News: Society Elders Seeks For Reprisal On Husband & Wife

‘For Opposing Harmful Traditional Practice’

Unisa Kamara
Judith Fallah

In an apparent show of uncivilized way of behavior contrary to the twenty-first century of human existence where science and technology highly strive, yet traditional leaders of a village called Kpakar in Kenema, Eastern region of Sierra Leone are said to have continued their ugly search for reprisal on a lovely couple Unisa Kamara and wife Judith Fallah whom they accused of having spoken against their tradition.

In August 2013, when the couple went to the village to attend a funeral of the death of a young girl during initiation in the bush, a daughter of Madam Agnes Fallah and took the opportunity to engage the youth and some elders and spoke on a range of issues about the poor status of their community and one thing that came out clearly was the deadly harmful traditional practices which has led to many young people fleeing the village as well scare away potential investors in the areas despite the fact that it is endowed with natural minerals.

They therefore condemned the practice and admonished the enlightened youth and the few elders that were with them to rise against the practice and called for its total ban as they will always support them in their course.

On hearing about that, the elders in the village became aggrieved and therefore wasted no time to mount a total manhunt for these couple to pay the price for what they have done in going against the norms and practices of their inherited harmful practice which they have vowed not to depart from its deadly practice despite modern civilization calls.

Sadly though, in same year 2013 when they could not lay hands on the couple they rounded up the old woman Agnes Fallah, the mother of the wife Judith Fallah and severely maltreated her with beatings and inflicted several bodily harm on the old woman that led to her demise because of the seriousness of the beatings an act the police are still investigating since 2013 to date with no right way to tackle the barbaric act as most of senior officials are also members of this secret practice.

However close relatives of the couple are pleading that their children do not venture in the country and if they do they stand to lose their lives because they are still been hunted by these elders as they have already sent messages to their colleagues in other part in the country with their photos.




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