Sierra Leone Overseas Recruiting Agencies Association (SLORAA) Elects New Executive in Freetown

The Sierra Leone Overseas Recruiting Agencies Association (SLORAA) held its highly anticipated elections for a new executive on Sunday, September 17, 2023, at the Freetown Polytechnic, Kissy Dockyard in Freetown. The elections marked a significant moment for SLORAA as it ushered in a new leadership team to guide the association for the next four years.

In a closely contested race, Mr. Boston Olu Clerk emerged victorious as the new Chairman of SLORAA, securing 22 votes. His election sets the course for the association’s direction in the coming years. Mr. Clerk will serve a four-year term in this crucial role.

The chairmanship race also featured other candidates who demonstrated their commitment to the association. Mr. Akim Bangura received 19 votes, Mohamed Kapr Kamara received 12 votes, and Ivan Pratt Johnson secured 11 votes, earning them the second, third, and fourth positions, respectively.

Several other essential positions within the association were filled during the elections. Isha Koker was elected as Welfare Officer with 33 votes, while Gida Timbo won the Organizing Secretary position with 40 votes. Mohamed Jalloh was chosen as Financial Secretary with 35 votes, and Bah was elected as the new Secretary General with 35 votes.

Additionally, several members of the new executive were elected unopposed, including Sylvanus Murray (Vice Chairman), Mohamed M. Bangura (Public Relations Officer), Ivan Johnson (Operations Officer), Victor (Logistics), Latin Kanu (Auditor), Ivan Johnson (Christian Religious Leader), and Sheik Abu Kanu (Muslim Religious Leader).

Jeffery Smith, the chairman of the ceremony from the Ministry of Labour, reassured participants that the elections were conducted with the utmost transparency. He revealed that 27 registered companies participated in the elections, except one. Smith emphasized that only individuals with valid national identification cards were allowed to vote. He wished all contestants good luck and underscored the importance of properly stamped ballot papers to ensure the validity of votes cast.

Mr. Mohamed Bangura, the Public Relations Officer of SLORAA, highlighted the association’s journey since its formation on March 21, 2015. He emphasized SLORAA’s commitment to gaining government approval and eliminating unscrupulous overseas employment companies. Bangura discussed SLORAA’s democratic nature and its collaboration with various government entities and stakeholders to ensure the legitimacy and welfare of workers sent abroad.

He also touched on the challenges SLORAA has faced, including some members pursuing personal agendas. Bangura revealed that the association had played a significant role in providing employment opportunities for Sierra Leoneans abroad, contributing to the reduction of unemployment in the country.

Bangura noted that SLORAA has worked diligently to improve workers’ welfare and conditions of service. The association has established a constitution and executive, with headquarters at 346 Bai Bureh Road, Calaba Town, and offices in Freetown and the provinces. SLORAA has provided jobs for over 2,000 Sierra Leoneans on two-year contracts, with the possibility of renewal based on performance and commitment.

He emphasized that SLORAA takes the welfare of its workers seriously and collaborates with the Migration Department in the Ministry of Labour to ensure their well-being while working abroad. Bangura proudly stated that no Sierra Leonean worker has lost their life abroad, and in cases of illness, their services are terminated to ensure their safety.

Before the elections, attendees came together to offer prayers, seeking divine guidance for the best candidates to win and for unity among winners and losers alike. The elections were seen as an essential step in advancing the interests of SLORAA and the Sierra Leonean workforce abroad.

SLORAA comprises various member agencies, including Explore, Friends Like Family, Global Manpower Supply, Johnson and Johnson, At Your Door Step, Get What You Want, and Solution Sierra Leone. These agencies play a crucial role in facilitating overseas employment opportunities for Sierra Leoneans.

The newly elected executive of SLORAA is expected to steer the association toward continued progress, ensuring the welfare and interests of Sierra Leoneans working overseas are well-maintained and protected.


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