SLP Cyber Unit Enhances its Strides in Retrieving Stolen Phone

By Amin Kef Sesay

It seems it is not only doom and gloom for the Sierra Leone Police with regards the public perception that it is knee deep in corruption. This came against the backdrop that the Force has in recent weeks intensified not only its operation on drug dealers but also other criminals including those who are phone thefts.

The SLP Cyber unit is charged with the responsibility to track down criminals through the computer system.

Stealing of phones with impunity used to be the order of the day but the operation of the cyber unit has rendered that act unfashionable as they have retrieved many stolen phones and charged to court culprits.

Among the increased number of retrieved stolen phones in recent times, is the Le 1. 5 million, Techno CAMON X phone belonging to B.W.Bockarie of the Strategic Communications Unit, Ministry of Information and Communications.

According to him, the Tecno CAMON phone was stolen on 25th September, 2020 and he reported the matter to Lead Investigator Madam Janet Biango of the Cyber Unit on the 28th September 2020.

Since last year, investigation carried out by a team of Cyber Unit personnel, led by Janet Biango, kicked off in earnest until quite recently when one of the users(3) was located. The phone was finally retrieved on Monday 16th August 2021, together with 3 suspects from the Moa Wharf Community. The suspects are already in police custody helping with investigations.

Meanwhile, Inspector in charge of the Cyber Lab, has assured all Sierra Leoneans that with the much needed public cooperation, the Cyber Unit will leave no stone unturned in the vigorous clampdown on phone thieves in the city and across the nation. Phone owners are however advised to always reserve the IM number, name/ type of phone maybe with receipts and other relevant related documents to help the Cyber unit in their investigations.

The Sierra Leone police is not only a force for good but a force to reckon with. They deserve commendations for diligent service to the nation despite the challenges.


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