Taking Marketing of Petroleum Products to Higher Heights…  NP Continues to Attract Hearts & Minds


By Amin Kef Sesay 

The National Petroleum -Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) is one of Sierra Leone’s thriving business entities that have stood the test of time and which through sheer hard work, judicious use of its resources, keeps making sterling head way in the importation and marketing of various petroleum products. The success story of NP-SL would never be complete if failure is made of not mentioning how it has successfully established functioning branches not only in various parts here in Sierra Leone but in some countries within the West African sub-region with all those  branches vibrantly , timely and diligently  delivering services to many.

Despite breaking new grounds and deepening its investment portfolio, the shareholders as well as Management of the company have not rest on their oars, basking in their successes, but are more than resolute to continue to win the minds and hearts of members of the public who are their esteemed customers, some patronising with the company for the first time and others who have heard about it, seen it now on the verge of coming on board.

One of the open secrets behind NP’s success could not be totally unconnected to the company’s accelerated customer care strides which are all geared towards giving optimal satisfaction to its customers. Treating all as very important, NP-SL is on record for timely responding to the concerns, negative or positive, of its numerous customers. The company operates an open door policy as it positioned a whole section/department to address queries that are directed to it in a very objective manner devoid of papering the truth. This modus operandi has created a situation whereby those concerns and recommendations are most times discussed at Management meetings and at the end of the day they are factored in policy decisions.

As a matter of fact customer care cuts across all aspects of the company’s activities. It is therefore in that direction that we witnessed the introduction of calibrated pumping machines which are very transparent and pump the right amount of fuel demanded also displaying the prices and quantity. With such highly sophisticated machines at the company’s various Filling Stations confidence is obviously high among buyers knowing fully well that they are indeed deriving value for money.

One major attribute that is very characteristic of the company is its pro-activeness in making available petroleum products in record time to ensure that members of the public have access to them. Considering the inextricable link between human existence and petroleum products such a proactive stance on the part of the company cannot be overemphasized taking cognisance of the fact that if there is any hiccup in the supply chain then obviously activities will be affected big time and such a situation could even lead to unrest.

When we talk of putting into maximum use the country’s local content policy into perspective then one of the companies to be referenced is definitely NP-SL. This is so because right from its origin the shareholders of the company made it a laid down policy to employ competent Sierra Leoneans whom they believe are determined to carry out its operations. Up to this time the company has maintained that stance and such is helping to provide jobs for many who hitherto were unemployed, thereby helping to reduce poverty at various levels. From time to time members of staff are promoted and motivated with various packages which always enhance their morale.

To facilitate fast cooking the company introduced NP Gas which is a kind of cooker that uses gas that the company markets and they are designed in different cylinders, sold at its Filling Stations and by authorized dealers all going at affordable prices.

In addition, to make transactions very quick the company also introduced the use of NP Smart Cards with unique security features which customers can put in for. These cards could be topped up and used to purchase various quantities of petroleum products which customers require. The use of NP Smart Card is advantageous in the sense that it prevents unnecessary queuing at Filling Stations and the movement of huge physical cash that could be stolen.

With regards rolling out its Corporate Social Responsibility NP-SL has been rated as doing so diligently and effectively to such an extent that its contributions are complementing Government’s development interventions.  One of its latest is capacitating the National Fire Force, Kissy Branch, with a water facility having a standby generator, from which water could be sourced to be used in its extinguishing of any outbreak of fire in the Freetown metropolis. The putting together of the facility cost a huge sum of money on the part of the company although it was a free offer.

With all these successes scored so far had it been for some other companies, its shareholders and Management could have rest on their oars. However, this is not the case with NP-SL as the company is well determined to continue to heighten its activities and win minds and hearts in and out of the country in places like Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia where it is operating and paying huge taxes to the Governments.




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