The Mirage of the Covid-19…   Africans/Sierra Leoneans Must Tighten the Safety Belts Part 1

Chief Executive Officer of Youth in Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Lamrana Alieu Jalloh at the Farm Land

Ponder My Thoughts!

By Lamrana Alieu Jalloh

Looking at all indications, it’s obviously certain that the Coronavirus couldn’t leave the world unnoticed, every nation must brace up. And it’s also certain that there would be greater damages, huge image dents, and possible shifts in global superpowers and economies if solutions are delayed and aren’t proffered immediately.

When this epidemic, now pandemic virus surfaced in the far East of the world (China), most other parts of the world, were the regalia of pomposity is a daily dress felt it would not get to them. They used all their energies to show racism in their utterances and attitudes against the inceptional place of the virus. Those energies actually could have been used to help China curtailed and contained it at the start. Today, coronavirus is increasing the decibels of its weird sounds, and raising the rhythms of its beats and they must dance to it. But do they only want to dance to these rhythms without inviting the senior dancers (Africans) to it, when presently over 80% of confirmed cases in Africa are coming not from the far East but the proximate West?

Bill Gates couldn’t hide it that Africa could be worst hit if mechanisms aren’t put in place; Mr. Bill Gates, sir, you couldn’t read this, but I hope your conscience will surely tell you that many African nations including mine aren’t ready and don’t have the means to brace up. We just pray the living God of our ancestors (Allah) would help us from this mirage of a virus.

To Sierra Leoneans, let me remind us all on some of the greatest problems that struck our nation and left the worst of dent on our national image; two of these problems (Blood Diamond War & Ebola) didn’t originate in Sierra Leone but from neighbouring Liberia and Guinea. The Civil War started in Liberia, our Government and people by then were so complacent that they couldn’t see any harm in that war because it’s not inside the country, until its ripple effects spilled over and hit Kailahun, then run through the nook and crannies of Salone. The Ebola started in Guinea, took a stroll to Liberia, arrived there and destroyed for some few weeks, but the past regime was too adamant to act fast and heed to the notices of the virus in our neighbourhoods. After some weeks the Ebola virus took a semi U-turn not to Guinea, but Sierra Leone. Due to our unpreparedness and negligence, Salone was able to get enough silent-strokes and louder-lashes from that epidemic’s lethal whips.

The Coronavirus has crept from far distances to merely engulfing us again; from Nigeria-Senegal-Ivory Coast-Ghana, and now Guinea . What a scary situation for a nation that’s always ready to Copy & Paste from neighbouring sister countries!

Our Government, the New Direction must now fold their sleeves of comfort, wake to the dreams of reality and unfold the sleeves of preparedness; that Sierra Leone will be an exemption this time, and Coronavirus will have no history to tell in our small but beautiful Nation with resilient people.

If flights couldn’t be stopped, borders couldn’t be closed, large gatherings couldn’t be dissuaded to stop taking place, but please let tougher measures and sensitization be put in place. We couldn’t afford another dose of wahala in this tiny tingling Nation.

Let’s Start The Precautionary Measures Together, And Allow Not The Mirage Of This Virus Get Here.




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