To Administer Medication on Fire Victims… Board & Management of NP-SL Ltd Support Health Facilities with Medical Items

Board & Management of NP-SL Ltd Support Health Facilities with Medical Items
Board & Management of NP-SL Ltd Support Health Facilities with Medical Items

By Amin Kef -Ranger

The well-established petroleum marketing company in the country, the National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited, (NP-SL Ltd) has on the 6th November 2021  rendered humanitarian support to the surviving victims of the fire disaster that took place at PMB, Old Wharf, Wellington on the night of Friday, November 5th, 2021.

The Board of Directors and Management on that very day visited and made donations to the Doctors in charge of the various medical facilities where those victims are currently undergoing treatment which include the Connaught Government Hospital, Rokupa Government Hospital, Emergency Hospital, 34 Military Hospital, and Choithram Hospital on behalf of the victims.

Present throughout the period of the donations, which started at the Connaught hospital, was the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Madam Sally Khatumal, Chief Executive Officer of NP-SL Ltd, Ambassador Kobi Walker, Sales Manager of NP-SL Ltd, Vandi Bockarie and Finance and Account Manager, Saidu Mansaray.

At the Connaught Hospital where the presentation was made to the Management of the hospital, the Board Chairperson said they decided as a company, after the disaster on Friday night,  to humanely donate certain medical items with the conviction that they will be of great assistance in trying to resuscitate and support those that survived and are admitted at the hospital.

Madam Khatumal referred to the accident as a very unfortunate and sad event. She prayed for the souls of those that have passed away to rest in peace and hoped and prayed that those that survived would get well soon.

The Manager of the Connaught Hospital, Dr Mustapha Kabba, after receiving the items, thanked the Board and Management of NP-SL Ltd for what he referred to as a very timely gesture maintaining that the items donated will be greatly useful in the administration of treatment to the patients. He continued that they will endeavor to the best of their abilities to continue to save lives.

On his part, the Director of the Connaught Mortuary, Dr. Mathew Vandy, stated that since when the incident occurred they have been overwhelmed with receiving corpses some who could be recognized and others beyond recognition. He said they decided to separate the patients based on the degree of burn that they sustained in order to determine the right treatments to administer and commended members of staff for their dedication and relentless efforts in taking care of the corpses.

After the Connaught Hospital, the Board and Management then proceeded to the 34 Military Hospital, Choithram Memorial Hospital, Rokupa Government Hospital and the Emergency Hospital, where some of the victims are admitted, and did similar donations.

Within all the places they visited they were warmly received by the Doctors in Charge of those facilities, who after receiving the donated items, warmly thanked the Board and Management of NP-SL Ltd.

On behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone, the Deputy Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Umaru Napoleon Koroma, thanked NP-SL Ltd for their humanitarian gesture.

He referred to the incident as a national disaster which he said was very serious.  He prayed for the souls of the deceased and thanked the medical staff for the level of selflessness and dedication they have demonstrated so far.

During the donation of the items, the Board and Management of NP-SL Ltd were joined by the Executive Chairman of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency, Dr. Brima Baluwa Koroma.

The PRA Boss commended the Board and Management of NP-SL Ltd for their proactive move in timely responding to the incident.
Food and other relief items were also donated by the CEO of NP-SL Ltd, Amb. Kobi Walker.

Below is the list of essential drugs and medical supplies that were donated are: Intravenous fluids, Normal Saline, Dextrose Normal Saline, 5% Dextrose, Ringers Lactate, Intravenous Giving sets, Gauze, Cotton wool, Betadine solution, Gentian violet, Silver sulfadiazine cream, Cetrimide solution, Assorted syringes and needles, Nasogastric tube, Urinary catheter and urine bags, Petroleum Vaseline, K-Y jelly, Intravenous Antibiotics, I.V. Ceftriaxone 1g, I.V. Metronidazole 500mg, I.V. Penicillin, Inj. Gentamicin 80mg, I.V. Ampicloxacillin 500mg, Oral Medications, Caps. Ampicloxacillin 500mg Caps, Amoxicillin 500mg Tabs, Cefuroxim 500mg, Tabs. Metronidazole 400mgTabs, Paracetamol 500mg Tabs, Ibuprofen 400mg Tabs, Diclofenac 50mg, Antacid suspensions and Haematinics.


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