Unjustly Vilifying Dr.Gilpin

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a manner reminiscent of Aesop’s fable, recent events have cast a spotlight on the allegations surrounding Dr. Ekundayo Walton Gilpin, the esteemed Managing Director of Sierra Leone’s prominent financial institution, Rokel Commercial Bank (RCBank). The narrative surrounding these accusations draws parallels to the fox’s sour grapes rationalization – when unable to attain his desires he rationalizes by deeming them undesirable. In this contemporary context, videos circulating on social media have taken aim at RCBank, accusing it of disbursing inaccurate or insufficient funds to its clientele.

However, it is crucial to discern the veracity of such claims in relation to Dr. Gilpin’s character and the bank’s reputation. It is widely acknowledged that Dr. Gilpin’s standing far exceeds the realm of these trivial allegations. Observers closely tracking RCBank’s trajectory can readily affirm that he would not countenance such improprieties. Should he possess knowledge of these allegations, he is anticipated to promptly investigate their authenticity, potentially leading to decisive consequences for those implicated.

These allegations surface during a pivotal juncture, as Dr. Gilpin and his dedicated team labor assiduously to perpetuate the transformation of RCBank into a paragon of trustworthiness and profitability within Sierra Leone’s financial landscape. This elevation of RCBank’s standing invariably invokes the envy of competing commercial banks throughout the nation. One cannot discount the possibility that these attempts to besmirch RCBank’s reputation and its MD stem from the ranks of its competitors.

In a nation like Sierra Leone, few occurrences truly astonish, and skepticism often shrouds events of this nature. Moreover, additional claims assail RCBank and Dr. Gilpin, alleging a refusal to furnish audit reports. This assertion rings not only ludicrous but also malevolent. Dr. Gilpin, a distinguished financial expert, comprehends the vital importance of meticulous financial record-keeping. The notion that he would deliberately withhold a document detailing the bank’s progress and financial matters seems both audacious and nonsensical.

To those habituated to tarnishing the reputation of diligent members of society, a cautionary note resounds – the scales of justice eventually tip towards retribution. Conversely, Dr. Gilpin remains unfazed by the viral proliferation of these attacks on RCBank’s reputation across social media platforms. Grounded in his devout Christian beliefs, he perceives these attacks as motivational forces, fortifying his determination to uphold RCBank’s lofty status, credibility, and transparency.

Behind these allegations lies an insidious narrative – the orchestrations of certain individuals within and outside RCBank who harbor ulterior motives. Their intent is twofold: to divert the focus of the diligent Managing Director and his committed team, while concurrently eroding the bank’s reputation and integrity. However, a prevailing belief in divine justice persists, ensuring that those responsible for these machinations will eventually be exposed.

In conclusion, as we navigate this narrative , it is imperative to view these allegations against Dr. Gilpin and RCBank through a lens of critical scrutiny. Their responses to these challenges, guided by unwavering determination and a commitment to transparency, will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of RCBank’s future. In the grand scheme of things, the approbation of President Bio, a testament to Dr. Gilpin’s accomplishments, remains the ultimate vindication of his character and efforts.



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